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Big Bang’s impending comeback results in doubled stock prices for YG

It appears that the anticipation for Big Bang‘s comeback has helped YG Entertainment record its highest share price yet.

YG’s current stock price is 67,000 KRW per share. The prices of the shares have been constantly rising for the past three days. This is most likely due to the news of Big Bang’s comeback, which will be commence officially on February 29th. The group will be releasing a mini-album comprised of six songs in addition to their world tour, ‘Alive‘, which will be launched in March. Many investors are expecting a nice string of CFs to follow suit.

With the sudden increase in stock price, financial reports believe that Yang Hyun Suk’s gross stock value will exceed 200 billion KRW (~177.6 million USD). Yang Hyun Suk along with his brother, Yang Min Suk (CEO and major shareholder of YG), are one of the top 5 first generation self-made Chaebols in South Korea.

In an interview, Yang Hyun Suk shared, “To bring K-pop onto the world stage and compete on a global level, competition amongst [K-pop label] companies is necessary. And that’s why we’ve strived to get YG on KOSPI. Ten years after SM’s enlistment on the index, YG made it to the stock market as well. It feels very rewarding.”


T.O.P, “If the image of a ‘star’ becomes a hindrance to my acting, then I will throw that image away any time”

Big Bang T.O.P, “If the image of a ‘star’ becomes a hindrance to my acting, then I will throw that image away any time.”

Big Bang’s TOP recently showed an interest and attachment to the subject of “acting”.

Being able to freely manage the life of a musician and actor, TOP decked out the front cover of a special edition March issue of Cosmo Men Magazine. As TOP showed off the image of a very playful gentleman in his New York style suits, he also gave off the vibe of a very masculine charisma that not many other idol members can pull off.

During an interview(with Cosmo Men), TOP said that he would throw away the image of a “star” any day if it was to get in the way of him becoming an actor, hence stating that he would never want to take on the roles of a popular singer, a bad boy, or a wealthy family’s son since those are the only characters that tend to garner the most popularity. He stated that he wants to take on a role that suits him well, not just a role where he can gain popularity from it.

When the interviewer confessed that he would do well in any role, he stated, “I had times when I thought that being a celebrity didn’t fit me at all,” but confessed that, “Even though I was not born to be a celebrity, I have studied about it a lot and have many things learned. I am still continuing to learn to become the best.”


Big Bang 5th Mini Album Official Release Guide

Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

This is the official news guide for BIGBANG 5th MINI ALBUM, which will be releasing on February 29th, 2012.

BIGBANG is finally coming close to us with their “ALIVE” music in February, 2012.
The album consists of irresistible addiction, warm heart, and inextricable smoothing flow within its first intro track called “ALIVE” including Daesung’s/D-Lite’s solo track called “Wings.”

In addition to their 5th mini album release, BIGBANG will be having a World Tour titled ‘BIGBANG ALIVE TOUR 2012’ with leading the World’s best tour/concert “Dream Team.” This album will be the most meaningful start for the World Tour heading not only to Asia, but also to North America, South America and even Europe.


Big Bang “We Might Have Disbanded If Not for Daesung and G-Dragon’s Incidents”

As we reported earlier, G-Dragon and Daesung will appear on the February 20 episode of “Healing Camp” and talk about their respective “incidents” for the first time on a talk show.

More details were released about the episode. The Big Bang members gathered together at a “pig skin” restaurant. Big Bang stated, “When we were trainees we didn’t have money to buy meat so we would eat pig skin instead.”

Big Bang stated, “It had been 5 years since we debuted and we were beginning to lose our focus. We were under the 5th year jinx that all idol groups go through. After 2011 we had a lot of things to look back on and learn. The ties between the members have become stronger. If it wasn’t for the ‘incidents’ we might have broken up.”

In the official preview that was released G-Dragon briefly said “Axis of Evil.” He is probably describing what people thought about him. Daesung was shown saying, “I shouldn’t have thought that way but I had bad thoughts. I thought that this was the end.”


Big Bang Unleashes “Seungri’s Talk” Video Interview

The “Seungri Talk Interview” was released on February 20.