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Big Bang “We Might Have Disbanded If Not for Daesung and G-Dragon’s Incidents”

As we reported earlier, G-Dragon and Daesung will appear on the February 20 episode of “Healing Camp” and talk about their respective “incidents” for the first time on a talk show.

More details were released about the episode. The Big Bang members gathered together at a “pig skin” restaurant. Big Bang stated, “When we were trainees we didn’t have money to buy meat so we would eat pig skin instead.”

Big Bang stated, “It had been 5 years since we debuted and we were beginning to lose our focus. We were under the 5th year jinx that all idol groups go through. After 2011 we had a lot of things to look back on and learn. The ties between the members have become stronger. If it wasn’t for the ‘incidents’ we might have broken up.”

In the official preview that was released G-Dragon briefly said “Axis of Evil.” He is probably describing what people thought about him. Daesung was shown saying, “I shouldn’t have thought that way but I had bad thoughts. I thought that this was the end.”

During the preview it was shown that the other members talked about “Daesung Likes Being Naked.” (Indecent Exposure) Also the other subject talked about was “G-Dragon’s Secret Global Friends.”


Source : Soompi

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