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[AUDIO/TRANS] Taeyang’s Naver Music Interview

Interviewer: What is BIGBANG to you?
Taeyang: I got the same question before. My answer will always be the same. Big Bang is a tree and I’m just a branch. When we are together as five, we make a big tree which has many leaves and fruits.

Interviewer: You guys had a hard time last year.

Taeyang: Last year was a new beginning to us. I heard that many groups have their hard times after 5 years, last year was ours. For us, it was not because of an argument but something from the outside. On the other hand, I’m thankful. It gave us a chance of making us live longer and stronger.

Interviewer: What makes Big Bang one?

Taeyang: Music. Our characters are so different. It gives the team a fatal blow because each has a very strong personality. However, we all like music, performing on the stage, dancing and singing together. We don’t argue whatever comes to us. We are always doing music happily and that makes us one.

Interviewer: You guys are the focus of attention but attention can be changed to indifference.
Taeyang: It is true that people’s interest and love make us work harder but even if the circumstances change, we want to do music together. I really love being on the stage. I want to tell you to just watch us grow up, especially this year. Love our music once again. I don’t mean that buy our albums but rather watch our development, our growth.

Interviewer: Six songs are all titles.

Taeyang: Yes. When we listened to our songs, it was very hard to choose just one title. Each song has a different meaning and shows a clear distinction. All songs are too good to miss. So we chose all 6 titles to show you.

Interviewer: I heard that ALIVE album is colorful.

Taeyang: Yes. Every song has its own color.

Interviewer: Tell me about the first title song, BLUE.
Taeyang: BLUE is really lyrical and sensitive. It is different from other songs that we’ve released before. It’s fresher than others. The lyrics are about emptiness and loneliness after breaking up. When we and the producers heard BLUE in the studio, we felt that BLUE is not attractive. However, when our friends heard the song, they said that it’s a touching music.


Translated by via @lucywinslet
Edited by via @jinhichole18
All by @forever-gdragon

Source : bigbangupdates

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