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Big Bang’s Comeback Album Sells Over 250K Copies in Pre-Order Sales + full MV of Big Bang “BLUE”

Pre-order sales for Big Bang‘s comeback album have surpassed the 250,000 mark. On February 21, sources close to YG Entertainment announced the news that the mini album, set to be released on February 29, had taken in over 250,000 pre-order sales. It has been 10 months since Big Bang has put out a new album. Their previous “special album” was released in April of last year. Excluding the album intro, all six songs on this new album are being promoted as title songs.

In an unprecedented move, 13 TV advertisements have been running on Korean TV since February 17, raising the hopes and expectations of fans. The source added that they are taking care to make sure that supply doesn’t run out for the album in the early stages. Big Bang will release “Blue” at midnight on February 22 (Korean time). From March 2 to 4, Big Bang plans to hold a commemorative concert at the Seoul Olympic Park. Afterwards, they will host the “BIG BANG ALIVE TOUR 2012” in 16 countries and 25 cities.

Check it out the MV of Big Bang “BLUE” :


Source: soompi | bigbangupdates

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