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Big Bang reveals addictive preview of ‘Love Dust’

Big Bang is aiming to bomb the music scene again with its new single Love Dust.

The group released a preview and commercial of Love Dust through YG’s official blog and Naver Music.

While Blue was a calm and lyrical piece, Love Dust showcases a brighter mood and an addictive hook, living up to the expectations of those fans who were looking forward to the single ever since its unique title was released.

The commercial for the single features a laid back T.O.P. It seems as if he is taking a rest before a shoot, listening to music in a neat suit that contrasts with his mint colored hair.

Big Bang plans to reveal video previews of its new singles with the members until February 29, when the full album will be released. February 25 will bring on “Bad Boy”, February 26 “No Fun”, February 27 “Fantastic Baby” and February 28 “Wings”.

Fans are digging Big Bang’s strong promotions, and are looking forward to what songs the members will be revealing every day.

The group announced it would be launching a big comeback promotion project before the release of its mini album, and started to air commercials on main channels from February 17 that showed the members talking honestly about how they feel about their comeback. On February 22 they released Blue, and swept through music charts while its music video shot through 3 million views on Youtube.

Big Bang will release its mini album Alive on February 29, and will start off on its world tour with concerts in Seoul from March 2-4.


Source: Enewsworld.com | bigbangupdates


4 responses

  1. akane

    I like “LOVE DUST” very much<333!
    This video's top is cool^^

    February 24, 2012 at 6:00 pm

    • Yeah…. T.O.P. so Cute ^_^

      February 25, 2012 at 2:05 am

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