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Senior representative from Brand New Stardom interviewed about Block B’s controversy + VIDEO [Block B Apologies]

By now, anyone who’s a fan of K-pop is aware of 7-member idol group Block B. One of the boys’ interviews which took place in Thailand January 30th has stirred major controversy, and the boys have been receiving slanderous remarks from the public and the media alike.

The most sarcastic of remarks said, “They sure did their noise marketing properly,” deeply upsetting the members and their agency. When Star In caught up with Block B backstage at Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘, all the members wore long faces. When approached for an interview, their manager denied the request. Instead, Star In met with a high ranking representative from their agency to ask a few questions.

– Did you neglect to act upon the situation, knowing what happened?
Not at all. I didn’t know at first because I didn’t travel with them to Thailand for the interview, but I was shocked upon seeing the fans’ criticisms. We were going to release an official apology on the 20th, but the controversy had already caught fire by the 19th. The attacks coming at us were so uncontrollable we didn’t know how to control the situation at hand. We got one step behind, and after that, everything got really difficult.

– Are you saying that this is unfair?
No. We deserve to be criticized, 100%. I am responsible as well. The apology statement was typed online after the members personally wrote it by hand. The Block B members were heavily disciplined and they learned a hard lesson. But to see the netizens’ comments be turned into news articles without proof or confirmation was really hurtful.

– There are netizens saying you sought revenge against Nichkhun who started this problem.
What kind of revenge would a small company like ours be able to seek against JYP Entertainment? And if we did try to bring down Nichkhun, do you think it would work? We’re actually quite thankful to Nichkhun. It’s only natural for him to become upset and criticize our wrongdoing, and he did his part by asking fans to refrain from attacking Block B. He said that he hoped the boys had learned through this mistake, and if it weren’t for Nichkhun, this could’ve gotten more out of hand. We are grateful for his understanding nature.

– How are the Block B members?
They are extremely panicked and worried. They’re about to step on stage right now, but they aren’t themselves. I’m just worried that they might have had suicidal thoughts. The boys were only focused on wanting to stand out and be noticed, and they were a little thoughtless. But the boys aren’t stupid, they did not have ill intent when they said the things they did. A part of me is relieved. They are being disciplined well while they are still young. They are reflecting on their actions in remorse, so much to the point they probably wish they’d never been born.

– When will you personally apologize to the Thai citizens?
Like I said, we got one step behind trying to deal with all of the criticism and attacks, and we lost the right timing. Anything we say now is going to sound like an excuse. And it’s not like we can go to Thailand because we want to and immediately apologize, there are orders and principles to how things go about. We are discussing many different routes we can take. We should have something official by next week. And of course, we will also be visiting Thailand.

– Is there anything you would like to request?
We’ve hit rock bottom in despair. We were wrong, and we deeply apologize. The Block B members and myself are extremely repentant. I think this incident will be an opportunity for the boys to become a little more mature. I hope that you guys will give the boys a chance to learn from their mistakes. If you want to further reprimand us, I will gladly receive the punishment. It is all my fault. Reprimand if you must, but know that the boys are being genuine. These kids are younger than you think. I hope you will be a little understanding.

Ahead of this interview, Block B’s agency Brand New Stardom stated that “all the members are deeply repentant,” and posted personally hand-written apology letters on their official fan cafe.

VIDEO [Block B Apologies] :


Source & Image : Edaily via Naver | allkpop


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