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Yang Hyun Suk talks about Big Bang’s “Alive Tour” preparations Read

YG Entertainment’s president, Yang Hyun Suk, shared his confidence and excitement over Big Bang’s fast approaching comeback.

Big Bang is scheduled to begin their promotions in early March. The group is to hold concerts on March 2 through 4 at Korea’s largest indoor venue, the Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium.

Big Bang’s highly-anticipated comeback to the music scene will be nothing short of big. There are plans set for the group to perform in 20 cities around the world. Their “Alive World Tour 2012” will take them to Asia, North America, South America, and Europe. The fact that they are planning on having a World Tour is adding to the public’s excitement.

Even though Big Bang has many things to prepare for between the promotion of six title tracks and the concert dates in March, the members along with YG are ready. This is an extremely meaningful comeback for the members, their company, as well as the music industry.

For this monumental endeavor YG has enlisted great help. One of those assisting is Laurieann Gibson, who in the past was responsible for directing: Michael Jackson, Madonna, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga’s concerts. Gibson will assume the role as global director for Big Bang’s World Tour. Live Nation will also be helping to organize the tour.

YG is not cutting any cost in preparation for Big Bang’s comeback tour. The foreign staff has been staying in Korea preparing for the concert since the beginning of February. Rehearsals has begun for the show a month prior to the opening night of their concert. Rehearsals are taking place in another location which also happens to be a large indoor venue.

On February 23, Yang Hyun Suk shared with Star News, “Big Bang is working hard to bring a different level of performance to audiences. The sound, lighting, and visual engineers are from abroad and have already been stationed in Korea for the past three weeks. The members of Big Bang have joined rehearsals this week. In preparation for this concert there have been a full month of rehearsals, this is something that is seen as unusual in Korea.”

Yang Hyun Suk continued, “Normally Big Bang would worry that they were unable to bring the best to their fans. This time around they won’t have anything to regret since they have had plenty of time to prep and refine in bringing a wonderful show to the public. When observing the Big Bang concert you will realize the importance of thorough rehearsals to a performance.”

On February 22, Big Bang released their first single “Blue” from their upcoming mini-album, “Alive.” With the song’s release, “Blue” immediately shot up to the top spot on many online music sites. The single achieved an “all-kill” in no time at all. Big Bang has also had success with the music video for the single, which was released the same day. At this time the video has accumulated over 5 million views in the two days since it’s release. Big Bang’s comeback album, “Alive” will be released on February 29.


Source: Soompi | bigbangupdates

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