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TEEN TOP hilariously parodies ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’

TEEN TOP, who recently made headlines for their childhood photos, are gaining attention once again for their reenactment of Korea’s favorite drama ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’

While filming for Mnet‘s ‘The Secret Island‘, TEEN TOP was given a mission to transform into comedic characters and act out a parody of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun.’ Snapshots of the boys carrying out their mission have found their way online and have become a hot topic.

In the first photo, Ricky, who is dressed as Lee Hwon, seems to be giving it his all into his acting, while L.Joe shyly portrays Yeon Woo with his head bowed and face covered.

The other boys were more comedic in their reenactments, as in the second photo Changjo is seen with a pink plastic toy hammer in his hand, which seems to be at odds with his demure court lady costume; Niel portrays his version of Lee Hwon with a pig mask.

In the third photo, we see Chunji dressed as Yeon Woo with ‘yeonji gonji‘ (traditional Korean rouge brides normally wear in circle shapes on their cheeks and forehead) on his face, and an eye-catching bright blue ribbon on his head. C.A.P. smiles brightly at the camera with his arms spread wide, as if to show off his ‘gonryongpo‘ (Korean king’s costume).

TEEN TOP’s episode of ‘The Secret Island’ is highly anticipated as the boys are said to have put their own spin during their overnight trip on the reality show, and revealed their honest feelings, competitive natures, and their sense of unity within the group.

Catch the episode on Mnet on February 29th at 5PM KST!


Source + Image: Chosun viaNaver | allkpop

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