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Big Bang Gains Favorable Image After Appearing on ‘Running Man’

Although Big Bang was completely defeated by running man team members on SBSRunning Man‘ they were able to gain favorable image and raise expectations for the second part aired next week.

All Big Bang members were called out for SBS ‘Running Man’ aired on March 4. Daesung who has appeared in many variety shows suggested to do defense to understand the atmosphere.

However T.O.P who is not familiar with variety shows kept following Daesung saying, “I don’t understand the rules,” showing a timid image. He was humiliated to be caught by the mission team early on to be eliminated. Although he had a ‘secret weapon’ to have the person out who also caught him, he took the weakest member of Ji Seok Jin that drew in regret.

Seungri tried to trick people to think he was a spy but in the end he was the first one to be eliminated.


Big Bang on Running Man (Episode 84/20120304) [SUBBED]

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Source: kshownow.net | bigbangupdates

bigbangupdates >>>> NOTE: Please make sure to thank the subbing team and give all credit to where credit is due. This episode aired less then 24 hours ago, and subbing as little as an 4 minute MV can take hours of work, so the fact that this is up less the 24 hours is amazing.Please be polite and remember that this is a fan sub team that put a lot of time and effort into this.

Big Bang ‘Fantastic,’ Drove 40,000 Fans Wild

Big Bang has its unique and special charm. The show from the beginning till the end will be a highlight.”
Ahead of Big Bang’s Korea concert shared world renowned stage director Laurieann Gibson, the main director for Big Bang’s world tour.

Knowing Gibson’s experience of leading famous American pop star Lady Gaga’s ‘The Monster Ball Tour’ expected her words just to be a mere formality. However it was a rant not false word. At least true for the ‘2012 Big Show Big Bang Alive Tour’ concert in Seoul.
‘Exceed Korea idol group level’

Big Bang’s first button of their world tour and comeback stage after year and half held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium during three days from March 2-4 concluded successfully. Total of three shows with over 40,000 audiences went wild with excitement. Despite the eventful past year Big Bang showed that they still can deliver.

Big Bang was relentless. The concert proved why Big Bang is ‘Big Bang.’ Several music representatives have praised them stating, “The level was beyond the idol group of Korea.”

Big Bang: The Kings of Kpop

Welcome to the first edition of Kings of K-Pop! I think the name speaks for itself, right? Only the biggest K-Pop groups will make it to this editorial. This very first edition will commemorate BIGBANG’s comeback.