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Can You Guess the Title of CNBLUE’s Comeback Album?

On March 8, CNBLUE announced its comeback with a teaser on its official website! CNBLUE teased its fans with a more interactive approach in announcing its new album title. On it’s website, visitors were asked, “Guess what is CNBLUE’s new album title;” beneath it, a six-sided spinning cube with a letter on each side is placed. Fans have to personally figure out the album title by rearranging the letters on the cube to come up with the correct title. Once they do, they can submit their answers to FNC. The first 5 participants with the correct title name will have the opportunity to take photos with the boys of CNBLUE and receive their autographs.

It’s been revealed that CNBlue has already completed recording the tracks, as well as the music video. Recently, CNBLUE successfully wrapped up its nationwide Japanese tour and is busy preparing for the concert in Los Angeles this Friday, March 9, with F.T. Island.

CNBLUE will make its comeback sometime this March.


Source : Soompi


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