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B.A.P to wrap up “Secret Love” promotions

This week, popular rookie group B.A.P will be wrapping up their debut promotions.

B.A.P made their highly anticipated debut on January 26th with ‘Warrior‘ in a showcase that drew over 3,000 fans. The group had made significant waves before their official debut, as leader Bang Yong Guk‘s unit activities with Zelo gave fans a taste of what the group had in store. They were also the first group to film the promotional ad for an end of the year award ceremony without having officially debuted.

In addition to ranking on the Billboard World Album Chart, they have amassed over 30,000 members in their official  fan cafe only six weeks into their debut, as fans fell for the unique charms of members Bang Yong Guk, Himchan, Zelo, Youngjae, Daehyun, and Jongup. Furthermore, their combined followers on popular social networking site Twitter total over 400,000 followers.

Their company TS Entertainment has significantly benefited from the combined success of their girl group Secret, along with the new-found success of B.A.P.

After they make their final rounds on the music programs this weekend with their track ‘Secret Love‘, B.A.P will be going straight into preparations for April comeback.


Source : allkpop


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