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Big Bang talks about the inspiration behind their hairstyles

Big Bang‘s appearance on the March 11th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ was nothing short of spectacular, ranging from their epic performances to Taeyang’s sudden hug for IU. The interview segment in particular was hilarious, as each member discussed their inspiration for the wild hairstyles.

G-Dragon, whose unbalanced hairstyle was at the center of much attention, replied that he drew his inspiration from seaweed. Dancing king Taeyang answered that he got his inspiration from a radish.

T.O.P commented that his electric blue hair was inspired by ice cream, while Daesung said that his platinum blond hair was inspired by a white horse. Seungri wrapped up the inspiration parade by saying that he got the inspiration for his short hairstyle from a chestnut.

Netizens and fans wrote various comments such as “G-Dragon’s hair is like seaweed dipped in gochujang” and, “I wonder how many other singers can sport such hairstyles“.


Credits: Nate | bigbangupdates
Translation: allkpop

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