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LEDApple’s rise in popularity is due to the help of composer Cho Young Soo?

LEDApple‘s new song, “Sadness“, is steadily leading the group into stardom.

On March 9th, “Sadness” was released through various music portal sites, and since then it has reached #8 on MelOn and #12 on Mnet. A big feat for these boys, considering that they have been underdogs as a rock idol group in the midst of more mainstream, pop idol groups.

This new track was created by one of Korea’s best composers, Cho Young Soo, who has made hit songs like T-ara‘s “Cry Cry” and Huh Gak‘s “Always”. This was LEDApple’s first time collaborating with Cho Young Soo and the composer’s magic touch seems to be taking effect.

LEDApple aims to display a more mature and chic side than before with their new promotion, and they’ve also incorporated the dance that took the world by storm, shuffling.


Source + Photo: Mydaily via Nate | allkpop


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