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NU’EST is pressured by their title as the Male version of After School?

It’s the idol generation. There are so many idols currently on the scene and many more planning to dive in. Amongst them, there are five boys who stand out. They are the New Established Style Tempo or NU’EST.

A representative from TVDaily met the five members of NU’EST whose smiles made the chilly day immediately warmer. The leader, JR, Minhyun, Baekho, Len, and Aaron‘s eyes were bright and filled with passion.

NU’EST is getting noticed for their talented musical skills and stunning visuals even before their official debut. Their first song, “Face” relays a message of being the spokesperson for the teens.

In “Face” we incorporated dubstep which is very popular in Europe these days. It’s a combination of our message and trendy music. Although it’s our debut song, we’ve put in a lot of our own opinions into this single. It’s especially meaningful because Aaron and JR wrote the lyrics to the album’s intro song. It will be different from other songs.

This song’s key point is the performance. We planned various performances including one with chairs. There are a lot of problems for teens and we’re speaking about them. The teen’s problems should be worked out by everyone.

The five boys all met with the same dream of being a singer as if fate called them together. How did these extraordinary boys get together in one place?

I did kendo for 7 years. I liked kendo and also wanted to be a singer but didn’t really know how. But I was coincidentally casted and have been working hard ever since. (Baekho)

I was born in America and lived there for 19 years. I auditioned for Pledis (the agency) and placed first. I sang Ne-yo‘s “So Sick” and also rapped. When I came to Korea, I met these friends here. It was very hard at first because I wasn’t very fluent in Korean, but it’s better now thanks to the members helping me out. (Aaron)

Ever since then these boys have been moving together for the sole dream of being singers. Really though, we were always practicing except when we were sleeping. We were training and attending school also. The agency didn’t really tell us that we couldn’t date but we knew we weren’t able to anyway. When we all met we were watching a movie together or busy sleeping. (JR)

These boys took one step at a time towards their debut. They participated in their agency’s album’s title song, “Love Letter” and worked with After School in their music videos and on stage.

And because of that they gained the title of After School Boys. After School Boys, I think people will think of us as the male version of After School. Since After School is famous for their performance, people will have the same type of expectation for us. We were able to work even harder because we didn’t want to fail their expectations.

To be honest, it’s a lot of pressure. The After School members are very good dancers so we want to do well and not ruin their reputation. We’re trying really hard. (JR)

Of course when we watch powerful stages by artists such as TVXQ, we want to be able to do that too. We saw how Big Bang enjoyed the stage and interacted with their fans and we would like to do that as well. All the artists who we’ll meet after debuting will have some sort of impact on us. We get the drive to work hard to perform with great artists.”

But rather than being the ‘second’ something, we want to be something new. We want to make a new title for ourselves. You know when you listen to a song and think that it sounds like one artist? We want to be like that. When people listen to our song I want them to say that it’s NU’EST‘s style.

When asked about their goal for this year, they all replied, We want to win the rookie award this year. And in 10 years we hope that we’ll be at the top of the music scene. We want to be a group that everyone on the street will know about its members and songs.

With their talents, TVDaily’s reporter thinks that their goals will be accomplished sooner than they think.


Source & Image: TV Daily | allkpop

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