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Who’s the skinniest and heaviest among male idol groups?

Netizens are at it with yet another average graph for idols! This time, instead of height they have summarized the average weight of male idol groups and it has definitely caught the attention of fans.

The graph was uploaded on an online community board and sequences the average weight from lightest to the heaviest groups into five hilarious different category names: “Why am I living“, “No need for words“, “Not average“, “This is average“, and “Height and weight are proportional“.

The lightest group overall was TEEN TOP with 55.1kg and the heaviest were the ‘beast idols’ 2PM at 69.1kg.

Out of all the groups listed on the graph, the lightest overall member was TEEN TOP’s L.Joe weighing in at a flyweight-like 50kg with a height of 171cm.

After seeing the graph, fans commented, Are they even eating?“, “I shall give you some of my fat“, and I bet some of them will fly away when it gets windy.”

Check to see where your favorite idol group lies in the graph below!

Why am I living

TEEN TOP – 55.1

MY NAME – 57.6

SHINee – 58.0


ZE:A – 59.1

Twilight – 59.7

F.T. Island – 59.8

No need for words

LEDApple – 60.0

Block B – 60.7

Big Bang – 60.8

N-Train – 61.0

Dalmation – 61.0

B2ST – 61.1

Not average

B1A4 – 61.6

CHAOS – 61.8

TOUCH – 62.0

CNBLUE – 62.0

TVXQ – 62.4

MBLAQ – 63.2

This is average

AA – 64.0

Super Junior – 64.2

U-KISS – 64.4

BoM – 64.5

B.A.P – 65.1

Co-Ed School – 65.2

SS501 – 65.4

Height and weight are proportional

F.CUZ – 66.3

X-5 – 66.4

Supernova – 66.6

M.I.B – 67.2

2AM – 67.5

2PM – 69.1


Source & Image: Josun Ilbo via Nate | allkpop

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