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Archive for March 15, 2012

B.A.P sends a warm White Day greeting to fans

Concluding their promotional activities on Inkigayo last week, the boys of B.A.P recorded a special video for their fans to celebrate White Day!


The appearance of Big Bang on Grammy’s main page proves their global dignity

It is the first time for a K-POP star to appear on the main page and main photo session of grammy‘s website.

G-Dragon knows how to please his fans + [PHOTOS] White Day Candies from Big Bang to VIP Fanclub Members

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently presented fans with candies in a brilliant way.

On March 14, the Big Bang leader posted a picture with the comment, “Happy White Day.”

In the picture, GD strikes a playful pose while covering the most part of his face with big candies. His adorable look with candies must have made his fans drool.

Netizens responded: “You’re such a cutie.” “I’m taking away you photos.” “I wish I got candies from GD. Send me one by courier.” “I see he’s so affectionate to his fans.”


NU’EST Reveals Full MV for Debut Track “Face”

Pledis Entertainment’s new boy band, NU’EST, finally unleashed their full music video for debut single, “Face.” The song is composed by Swedish songwriter Daniel Bergman, applying the technique called dubstep, which is one of the most popular musical styles in today’s pop music industry.