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Big Bang, Super Junior and B2ST leading the Korean Wave Revolution

In a day and age when idol groups no longer take hiatuses, why does it seem like we hardly ever see them on stage? Well, we took a look into it and found out that it was due to the idol groups taking their performances to the global stage instead of just focusing on their activities in Korea.

Big Bang, Super Junior, B2ST and other idol groups all have very busy schedules and are performing in venues faraway from Korean fans. Moreover, these idol groups are leading the way in the global K-Pop craze, holding their aptly named ‘World Tours’ and meeting with fans all over the world.

Big Bang, who successfully completed its Seoul concert from March 2-4, will head to Japan next in the first half of this year. Then in the second half, the group will head to Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and South America, making an appearance in 25 cities in 16 different countries on its world tour. Although Big Bang wasn’t able to carry out many activities last year due to various complications, this coming year is expected to be extra special for the group.

Korea Investment & Securities analyst Kim Shi Woo said, “Big Bang will hold its world tour this year and there’s much more to it than just seeing an increase in its concert revenue. Thanks to the joint venture with America’s number one concert agency Live Nation, this has become a great opportunity for Korean artists to showcase their musical talents [in the U.S. market]. Big Bang’s selection was most likely due to the group’s strong odds to find success in the international music scene. And since the revenue will be distributed between YG Entertainment and Live Nation, there’s a good chance Big Bang will make a profit in Japan and in the other countries as well.”

Big Bang wisely used its strong popularity in Korea as a stepping stone to reach out to the rest of the world, and the group’s global potential seem limitless.

Not surprisingly, Big Bang wasn’t the only group eyeing a piece of the international music market. Thanks to its distinctive members who have become a dominating presence in the nation’s living rooms, Super Junior has become a force to be reckoned with. Super Junior, widely known as the new driving force behind the recent Korean wave, has been meeting with fans in various countries through its ‘Super Show 4’ concert.

Super Junior already held successful concerts in Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Macao. The members also attracted over 40,000 fans during its 3 day ‘Super Show 4’ concert in Thailand from March 16-18. Moreover, they were the first foreign artist to hold three concerts and attracted the largest crowd ever in Thailand.

Meanwhile, B2ST also successfully carried out its ‘Beautiful Show’ world tour and are on the cusp of becoming the next big global stars. On March 17, B2ST attracted over 4000 fans in Indonesia and the group’s world tour, which started in Seoul, has already reached its fifth concert venue.

There was a time when the Korean wave was a tool to increase a celebrity’s popularity back home. However, in today’s digital age where real-time communication is instant thanks to the advancement of social networking websites, hiding your face behind your hands does not seem to work as a publicity tool. Furthermore, the success of Big Bang, Super Junior, and B2ST has proved that the Korean wave is not just another passing fad. Additionally, the three groups have shown that they are at the center of the current Korean wave.

As the global interest in K-Pop continues to heat up, today’s current batch of idol groups are proudly showcasing the advancement of the music scene in Korea.


Source: Enewsworld.com | bigbangupdates

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