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BtoB members reveal their thoughts after first debut stage

Fresh Cube Entertainment idol group BtoB (Born To Beat) expressed how they felt after their debut performance of “Insane” on ‘M!Countdown‘.

Member Lee Chang Sub commented, “First of all, we’re most happy that we can do our music. I thought more about what we’re going to do after our performance on ‘M!Countdown’. Right now my heart is fluttering and I’m extremely happy. I’ll continue working with this feeling in mind. Our debut showcase on the 21st and today’s performance felt different. That time we freely performed amongst ourselves, but today, even the air on stage was different. I felt ㅔㄱpressured,” revealing how nervous he felt before the group’s first televised performance as BtoB.

Lee Min Hyuk added, “In my case, I first showed my face on JTBC‘s ‘I Live in Cheongdamdong’. I portrayed a trainee dreaming of becoming a singer then, but I feel completely different today. I was first bewildered by the fans who came for us, who’ve only just debuted, then I had the thought that I should work really hard.”

BtoB agreed, “We don’t think we can be perfect from the start. But as we gain more and more [experience], we want to be an idol group that helps the Korean music industry shine.”


Source + Photo: Osen | allkpop

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