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MBLAQ concludes 4th mini album promotions with a video message to fans

The boys of MBLAQ recently concluded promotions for their fourth mini-album.

But to inform fans of new MBLAQ activities to look forward to in the future, the members shared a special video message.

Check out the video and the translations below!

Seungho: Hello everyone, we are MBLAQ! We are finally wrapping up all the activities for our 4th mini album.

Mir: We are very sad.

G.O.: We have mixed feelings about ending our promotions. Our members suffered a few injuries in the beginning causing our fans to worry, and it was hard for us, as well as the fans, but here we are at the very last stage. The end of one thing brings a new beginning of another, and we promise to gift you with a new album soon so please look forward to us.

Seungho: In addition, we also have many upcoming activities. We also have an Asia tour planned for this June so please do not be upset and continue to wait for us.

All : This has been MBLAQ!


Source : allkpop

Video : jtunecamp @ YouTube

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