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B1A4 members become romantic spring gentlemen for ‘Hats On’

B1A4 tried on some colorful Spring hats for their newest photo shoot.

The members of B1A4, who recently made a strong comeback with their new song “Baby I’m Sorry“, transformed into romantic Spring gentlemen for their latest ‘Hats On‘ photo shoot.

In the pictorials unveiled March 29th, the boys tried on a variety of head gear including fedoras, hunting caps, military hats, and more, that brought out each of members’ individual charms. The fashionable new line of hats by ‘Hats On’ are pieces that can be comfortably worn by everyone from college students to working professionals, complementing any fashionable outfit.

In related news, ‘Hats On’ is currently preparing for a number of events with B1A4, including a special autographing event fans can look forward to.


Source & Image : Newsen via Nate | allkpop

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