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B1A4 talks about their new album and goals for 2012 in recent interview

We can’t believe it’s already been a year… We didn’t even have a chance to go see our families after our debut.” – B1A4

Rookie idol group B1A4 (Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, Shinwoo, Gongchan) didn’t realize how fast the time was passing them by. They’ve been extremely busy the past year, but despite the hectic schedule they’re all happy. They fulfilled their dream of becoming an artist last April, and since then have released two mini-albums in ‘Let’s Fly‘ as well as ‘It B1A4‘. The boys were even awarded the ‘Best Rookie Award‘ at the year-end music awards.

In an industry where new rookie idols are emerging each day, the B1A4 members have impressed the public by remaining remarkably active. They’ve appealed to their fans with a ‘boy next door’ image and garnered much popularity with their trendy music, enjoying a very fulfilling year.

Their goal for this year is to receive the ‘Bonsang‘ award at the year-end award ceremony, which seems attainable for the group who have recently made a comeback with a new more grown-up look. Their first full-length album ‘IGNITION‘ is a way for them to show their fans that they have developed as musicians.

We pitched the idea that we should release a full-length album this time around,” Jinyoung said. “There are a lot of songs that we participated in creating. We wanted to show you our true musical colors, and so this album feels a bit different from the last releases.”

Perhaps they’re more excited about this album as they have contributed more to it than ever before. Though they have tossed aside their youthful, boy images and returned with a more chic and mature look, the boys still appeared and spoke rather brightly.

We put together everything we could possibly express and worked hard to present our fans with music that’s more mature than before,” Baro said. “You will be able to sense a more grown up side to B1A4 through this album. We want to make a strong impression of a B1A4 that’s more developed than before.”

B1A4 definitely stands out amongst the other idols. Not only do they fulfill the idol prerequisites to be tall and handsome, their musical abilities are quite impressive. Leader Jinyoung participated in writing 8 songs on the album including their title track “BABY I’M SORRY“, showcasing his potential to become a producer. Baro and Sandeul also revealed their first solo tracks, and Shinwoo helped pen some of the lyrics.

It’s strange that we are standing on stage with my song,” Jinyoung remarked. “It made me feel like I was helping my team, and also that the time and energy we spent preparing for this was well worth it.”

At first, I was upset that we couldn’t include all of the members’ solo tracks. But I guess that just means that we have that much more to show you in the future (laughs). We will show you everything we have, little by little. I hope you will look forward to the solo tracks by our different members,” Sandeul said.

Though they are extremely talented, they credited their easy-to-approach, friendly image for their success. I realize this often when we meet with our fans, but our fans tell us that we are really approachable. They tell us that we are like boys next door,” Jinyoung said.

B1A4, who are more actively promoting themselves also revealed their high anticipation to promote overseas. Though they are eager to meet with their international fans, the boys are restraining themselves from making rash plans.

They are more than capable of spreading K-Pop awareness throughout the globe, but they prioritize securing their place in K-Pop in Korea.

If ever given the chance, we would like to release an album overseas and help promote all things Korean,” Shinwoo said. “But right now, we want to fulfill our goals in Korea first, and I think we can go overseas after we secure our place in the industry.”

They have a definite goal they would like to attain in Korea. They would like to win a #1 K-Chart win on a music program, and they would like to receive the ‘Bonsang’ award at the year-end award ceremony.

The five members believe that if they have a clear goal, then nothing can stop them from reaching it, which makes B1A4 a name to look out for in K-Pop.

We want to win a K-Chart win, and receive the Bonsang award at the award ceremony at the end of the year,” Jinyoung said. “We will work harder to show you a better side of ourselves.”


Source & Image: StarNews | allkpop

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