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Big Bang, JYJ, 2PM, and more take over the advertisement market with ‘CM songs’

Simply landing CF deals doesn’t seem to be enough for idols on their quest for world domination, as even singing ‘CM songs’ is now a required must for the hottest idol stars.

With the K-Pop boom being felt all over the world, the influence of idols has definitely reached new heights. Their names are regularly seen on everything from internet portals, variety shows, dramas, and endorsement deals, so it’s no wonder the advertisement industry is eagerly making full use of their potential.

CM songs, or theme songs for CFs and endorsements, has become an easy and effective way to increase marketing power for brands, as songs sung by idols will easily land at the top of music charts and earn an explosive response from consumers. Previously, bands like Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, JYJ, KARA, 2PM, and T-ara all have experience with hit CM songs under their belts.

Perhaps the strongest in the area is Big Bang thanks to their hits like “Stylish” for ‘Fila’, “So Fresh, So Cool” for ‘Hite Beer‘, and “Lollipop” for ‘LG Cyon’. Just these three tracks alone recorded over $883,978 USD in profits.

JYJ’s ‘Penzal Q‘ CM song is also a favorite amongst consumers for its sweet and meaningful lyrics and its ability to bring in a wider consumer base for the brand.

Beastly idols’ 2PM is no stranger to CM songs, having pulled in popularity for ‘Coca Cola’s mini coke CM, “Open Happiness”, as well as their latest endorsement, ‘Mr. Pizza‘. Casual clothing brand ‘Union Bay‘ utilized the marketing influence of KARA‘s Jiyoung, Seungyeon, and actor Lee Min Ki to create a unique harmonization for their own CM song.

With so many idols these days, companies can easily find an idol group that matches the image they’re going for to help expand their companies globally. Considering that some of these CM songs are addictive enough to be included in actual studio albums, fans definitely won’t be complaining any time soon.


Source: Nate, allkpop.com | bigbangupdates

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