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f(x) character posters for upcoming film, ‘I AM’, revealed

SM Entertainment‘s upcoming movie, ‘I AM‘, has revealed character posters of girl group f(x).

The movie, which will be released this May, will reveal real footage of the SM artists during their ‘SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden‘. The film will also include a biographic record of the years of effort made by the artists, to expose their passions and dreams.

The new character posters, which were released on April 10th, unveiled the truthful and candid side of each f(x) member along with their personal messages.

The personal message of f(x)’s leader Victoria who is currently playing the female lead in a Taiwanese drama read, I’m exhausted because I have too many ambitious desires, showing her desire to strive for perfection on stage. Amber‘s personal message was, I just wanna dance for 24 hours straight“, proving her right to be labeled the group’s performer, while Luna stated, I focus my attention on rehearsing, so much to the point that I feel uneasy when my body doesn’t ache, exemplifying the hardship behind the glamorous stage.

Sulli‘s personal message read, I felt like I didn’t know how to do a single thing, which evoked curiosity as to how much work she put in to get to where she is now. Finally, Krystal whose acting abilities were acknowledged on ‘High Kick 3′ said, I just like being myself“, showing her limitless confidence.

The film ‘I AM’, which will show the dreams and passions of each SM artist and how much effort they put in to reach out to the world, will debut on big screens this coming May.


Source: TV Daily via Nate | allkpop

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