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SHINee celebrates their win on ‘Music Bank’ with EXO-K

SHINee‘s Key revealed a picture of SHINee with their hoobae EXO-K after their two consecutive wins on ‘Music Bank‘.

On April 13th, Key posted on SHINee’s official m2day, You guys~ Thank you so so much for Music Bank’s number one win two weeks in a row! I’m so happy that we could share the joy on stage with SMTOWN hoobae. Please continue to support SHINee & EXO-K! along with the above picture.

The picture showed SHINee members, after their win on ‘Music Bank’, casually intertwined with their hoobae EXO-K members. SHINee members couldn’t hide their joy for their number one win and smiled brightly into the camera along with the supportive EXO-K members.

After seeing the picture, netizens responded with, So nice~ It’s nice to see you guys“, “SHINee congratulations on being number one!“,”I hope the day EXO-K wins number one will come soon ^^“, and Both groups are so handsome!


Source+Picture: SHINee‘s me2day | allkpop

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