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F.CUZ’s Kan confesses that he once contemplated suicide believing himself to be the cause of Lee U’s departure

Last year, F.CUZ‘s former member Lee U announced his departure from the group to launch a solo career.

Fellow member Kan finally spoke up on his feelings about the departure in a recent interview with Star News and shared his thoughts on the changes.

The group debuted back in 2010 as a four member group and headlined often because Lee U was the son of legendary singer Sul Woon Do. Lee U left about a year later, however, due to the differences in musical styles, and the group spent a year as a trio before adding Raehyun and Daegun to the group.

Unfortunately in January of last year, Kan suffered a major car accident during his way home from the filming of SBS‘s ‘Athena‘ where he injured his shoulder, nose, and forehead. F.CUZ had to hastily conclude their follow-up promotions.

Kan revealed, “I believe it’s partially my fault that he left the group. When hyung withdrew, I think it was because of my car accident. I was at the hospital when I heard about the decision and I couldn’t help but think to myself, ‘It’s all my fault that this is happening.’ Because of my car accident, things had escalated and had gotten big, even bringing about financial problems.”

He continued, “I felt like an obstacle to the group. After I heard that the group had to abruptly conclude promotions, I thought that my accident had somehow also influenced his decision to leave. At the time of the accident, I had to go in for surgery because of the wounds on my face. When I came out, the members were all waiting for me. I couldn’t look at them in the face and just apologized while crying.”

After confessing that he contemplated suicide out of misery, he stated, “I couldn’t stop thinking that I was doing more harm than good for the members and our company. I was only hearing things through other people so I wanted to hear everything for myself. The only thing I got out of staying in the hospital was time to think, and I knew that I couldn’t just stay like that so I asked to be discharged a month earlier and met with the members to talk.”

When asked what he believes to be the truth behind the situation is, Kan expressed, “I believe I’m partially at fault, but not entirely. Lee U hyung’s parents also disapproved of his career decision and he himself wanted to pursue a different musical style. There were a lot of different reasons, but I only blamed myself at the time, which made it harder.”

Fortunately, Kan still keeps in frequent contact with Lee U. The other members stated, “There wasn’t any discord. We were hurt and upset with his departure, but praying for everyone’s success is the best thing for now.”

F.CUZ will be releasing their third mini-album, ‘For Century Ultimate Zest‘, on April 27th as a fresh start with their two new members.


Source + Photos: Star News | allkpop


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