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U-KISS reveals teaser image for their new mini-album, ‘DORADORA’

With the release of their new album just days away, idol group U-KISS has revealed a new teaser image.

On April 19th, the group’s label NH Media announced U-KISS’ comeback via their official Facebook and Twitter pages by sharing the the main image of the boys 6th mini-album, ‘DORADORA‘.

Fans were surprised upon seeing the image, as the boys’ new doll-like appearance is completely different from the fierce and masculine look they have displayed until now.

What drew attention is the way the boys’ unique fashion style made them look unified as a group, but each member was able to still bring out his own individuality and charm.

Their agency remarked, The overall concept was for the group to bring out their sexy masculinity, while making sure each member looked unique and individualistic.”

We’ve attempted a lot of change not only in our concept but our music as well,” U-KISS said. We think we can show you a stage performance where the appeals will be completely different from the U-KISS songs you have heard until now.”

Going with our concept of ‘sexy and masculine’, the choreography to our new song “DORADORA” includes a lot of sexy wave dance moves,” they added, further heightening expectations for their comeback.

U-KISS will be releasing their new material on April 25th, and will also be performing their comeback stage at the ‘M! Countdown Hello Japan – M! Countdown One Asia Tour‘ on the same day.


Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate | allkpop

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