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Big Bang’s “Bling Bling” Punk Look

Big Bang is a daily topic for not just music, but other things, like title song selection, unique music videos and visuals, and their individual fashion style. From their music video clothing to their performance clothing, they have been gathering much interest. Their shocking hairstyles and everything in general is interesting the general public as well as fans.

TOP bleached his hair not to blonde, but a bright bluish mint color, and G-Dragon introduced his asymmetrical hairstyle, which instantly became their trademarks. Taeyang‘s Mohican hairstyle also looks more splendid than ever before.

Accessories are used from top to bottom, with shoes that complete the extravagant look. They are already known be fashionable, as they are top models and collaborate with the best brands, and their current fashion confirms this.

-Irrelevant parts omitted-


Source: BNT News | bigbangupdates
Translated by @kristinekwak for bigbangupdates

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