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Secret’s Hyosung and Zelo on B.A.P. music video set

Secret‘s leader Hyosung recently snapped a friendly photo with B.A.P‘s maknae, Zelo, on the set of B.A.P.’s music video.

On April 20th, Hyosung uploaded the two photos above for fans on Twitter and wrote, I just got back from the set of B.A.P’s music video. It was really awesome. Here’s a commemorative photo I took with Zelo~ I’m proud and impressed with the maknae. Please anticipate their upcoming album!

The selcas of the labelmates posing closely together gave an aura of a brother-sister relationship rather than just a senior-junior relationship. Fans were pleased to see them supporting each other, commenting, The two must be very close. I’m jealous“, “I can’t wait until they make their comeback!“, and Definitely anticipating their album“.

Meanwhile, B.A.P. will be making a comeback with their next single “POWER“, which is scheduled for an April 27th release.


Source: Hyosung’s Twitter | allkpop

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