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BANA prepares a special advertisement for B1A4′s first anniversary

Group B1A4‘s special gift that they received from their fans BANA has been drawing attention.

BANA prepared a special advertisement that was shown on a large electronic display in downtown Seoul for the group’s first anniversary.

To congratulate them on their one year anniversary, a 20-second advertisement was shown until midnight of April 24th in 5-minute intervals on the electronic display located at the intersection between a movie theater and a mall in Kangnam.

B1A4 expressed their gratitude to their fans by writing a message on their official fan cafe saying, We are so happy that we have created countless memories with our fans this past year. Thank you for always supporting us and giving us so much love that we don’t deserve.

The group debuted on April 23rd last year and since then have released three CDs. The B1A4 members displayed their unique fashion sense and their own style of music while promoting their songs “O.K.“, “Beautiful Target“, and “Baby I’m Sorry“.  With their dorky personalities and robust-sounding music, the boys have gained a lot of interest from teenage fans and are receiving praises for their individuality.

Despite being rookies, the group has accomplished a lot in 2011, winning the best rookie award at various awards ceremonies and gaining a fan base of over 80,000 members.

On another note, B1A4 is currently promoting their song “Baby I’m Sorry”, and member Baro is a regular on the program ‘God of Cookery‘ while member CNU is appearing on ‘I Need a Fairy‘.


Source & Image: TV Daily via Nate | allkpop

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