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LEDApple to hold a live concert featuring ‘TOP Band’ winner, Toxic

On May 11th, LEDApple will meet their fans through a live concert, ‘#Now Playing – LEDApple in Seoul Vol.1’, at Sound Holic City in Seoul.

This will be the first ever live concert by LEDApple and will feature Toxic, the winner of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Band Survival: TOP Band‘. Although busy with their schedules, Toxic has promised to show their support for LEDApple by making a special guest appearance. LEDApple plans to focus solely on preparing for this concert in order to show all the talents that they couldn’t previously show on television.

A representative from Startory Entertainment states, “This concert will not be a large-sized concert, but a more intimate live band performance with the sound, vocals and sincerity that comes with it. We will remove the stereotype that idol bands only hand-sync by presenting a new quality of band music.”

To see LEDApple and Toxic perform live, you can either make reservations online through Interpark or purchase tickets at the door.


Source + image: Star News via Naver | allkpop

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