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EXO-K members discuss their debut, title track concept, and support from their seniors

4 years after SHINee made a big wave into the music industry, SM Entertainment brought out another talented boy group, EXO-K, whose members began their road to stardom from an early age.

After receiving heightened attention, rather than starting promotions right away, EXO decided to wait 100 days to gradually show themselves as the next big rookie group. Although the wait was long, it seems those 100 days did not go to waste.

“We needed time to show the various charms and performances of the 12 members, including EXO-M who were set to promote in China. After we entered into a 100 day countdown, to not disappoint our fans, we were able to become a stronger group.”

EXO-K comes from the name, EXOPLANET. Their twin boy group, EXO-M, is currently promoting the Chinese versions of the songs in China. Staying with the concept of their name, as beings from another planet, each member of EXO was given supernatural powers for “MAMA”.

EXO-K’s Kai has a badge around his neck that represents teleportation, D.O. has a ring that represents beastly strength, and Chanyeol wears a ring that represents the power of fire.  EXO-K member Saehun also has the power of the wind on his belt, Suho has the power of water, and Baekhyun has the power of light.

“Through the music video for our title song, “MAMA“, we show off our powers. At first glance, it might seem a little childish, but as you watch it, it’s really cool.”

“The song is about the dreary 21st century society that is trapped in a digital world of cell phones and computers. We are asking the mother of human beings, a god called ‘MAMA’, what we should be doing about this world.”

Fellow SM Entertainment groups, TVXQSuper Junior, and SHINee did not hold back in showing their support for their agency’s new boy group.

“TVXQ’s Yunho Sunbaenim watched our first broadcast even while he was on his world tour. Through speakerphone, he was able to tell each member what he lacked on. Even with our debut being the same time as SHINee’s comeback, SHINee sunbaenims gave us a lot of helpful pointers.”

All of the members embarked on the path to become a singer since they were in their 6th year of elementary school. Although Baekhyun had the shortest training period of 1 year,  he has experience being part of a school band and gained a solid musical foundation that way. On the other hand, Leader Suho refined his skills for 7 years under the agency. Sehun and Kai were discovered through street castings when they were in 6th grade, and entered the agency through an audition in their 2nd year of middle school.

“After creating a team called EXO, we prepared for our debut for a year. Just being able to perform with our respected senior singers makes our hearts swell up. We want to do our best and maybe even receive the best new rookie award.”



Source + image: Star News via Nate | allkpop

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