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Heo Young Saeng releases “The Words On My Lips” OST for Fermentation Family

On December 27th, Heo Young Saeng teamed up with a famous music director, Park Sun Joo, to create “The Words On My Lips” OST for JTBC‘s drama Fermentation Family.

The Words On My Lips” is about a man who wants to confess his love but is filled with fear and regret.

Heo Young Seang’s sweet voice matches well with the song’s sad melody.

Check out “The Words On My Lips” below:


[AUDIO] Mino – 어떻게 (Feat. Zico) [DOWNLOAD]


[AUDIO] Mino – 어떻게 (Feat. Zico) [DOWNLOAD]


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Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk to release duet, “Oppa Has Arrived”

Super Junior‘s Donghae and Eunhyuk have announced that they’ll be releasing a special duet.


Block B Zico’s cover of Tim’s “I Love You” [DOWNLOAD]

[AUDIO] Zico’s cover of Tim’s “I Love You” [DOWNLOAD]

This was one of two songs that he sang for pre-debut vocal training (the other being “This Song”).


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4minute unveils jackets + track list for “READY GO” + longer preview

Via tokyohive:

Although 4minute‘s sixth Japanese single, “READY GO” isn’t slated for it’s official release until December 7th, it’s been used as the opening theme song to the drama, ‘Welcome to the El-Palacio‘.

The group’s Japanese label UMJ (Universal Music Japan) has finally released the album jackets and track list to the single.

It will have three editions: Type A, Type B, and CD only.


Block B Jaehyo – Drunken Truth [DOWNLOAD]

[AUDIO] Jaehyo – Drunken Truth [DOWNLOAD]

[CAFE] 110701 Jaehyo’s Cafe Post

Below my last gift(?) is a behind story about me recording the gift.

ㅋㅋㅋIt was so cringe-worthy I burst out laughing while I was recording,…
To be honest at first this was the song I intended to be the gift.. but it was so embarrassing I wasn’t going to upload it, but I did anyway.
Now I’m done with all the gifts. In the next album I’ll come with an improved image~~~


Yeah, I may just be drunk and this might be a mistake
When morning comes I might act like I don’t remember, be uncomfortable about it
But there are things I need to say tonight
I’m sorry I look so weak but don’t think my words are just a result of being drunk

Always when I stand in front of you, even if I’ve already planned it out
I end up saying the exact opposite. Then I turn around and regret it
But now I’ll confess, that I’ve loved you from the start

This is how I’ve been loving you, although my lame words sound corny and unbelievable
These are not words lightly said, it’s something that probably won’t happen twice
But as morning dawns on us, I’ll take you once again in my arms and tell you I love you



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Tablo dedicates “From the Bottom” to his wife, Kang Hye Jung

Tablo‘s ”From the Bottom” from his solo album, ”Fever’s End“, expresses the feelings of pain and regret for his family because of everything he was put through over the last couple of years.

Representatives of YG Entertainment stated, “‘From the Bottom’ is a song that Tablo dedicated to his wife, Kang Hye Jung, who stuck by him through all of the controversies he was embroiled in. The song is especially emotional in that it includes the voice of his child calling Tablo ‘father’ for the very first time.”

His album itself has been doing exceptionally well on the charts with his title track topping several digital charts on top of the rest of his tracks entering the top 10.

Viewers praised, I cried while listening to the songs”, “The lyrics break my heart”, and “It was really nice to be able to appreciate the lyrics of the songs I’m listening to”.