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Hanhae – Lightning Song With Mino (Feat. U-Kwon) [DOWNLOAD]


[AUDIO] Hanhae – Lightning Song With Mino (Feat. U-Kwon) [DOWNLOAD]


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

P.O. & Kyung – Strong [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

[AUDIO] P.O. & Kyung – Strong [DOWNLOAD]

[CAFE UPDATE] 110819 Kyung

I made “Strong” for the last mini-concert of Match Up!
A lot of people wanted to hear it so I’m uploading it for you as a present.
The download option was available but not anymore because it was limited to 100.
I want to upload the file for you but I don’t know how..
The people that were able to download it, please share!
(BBCs, I love you guys, even if you call me cucumber..)