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BANGS Cyworld Blog Update (111116)

Hello, this is the administrator of BANGS.

First of all, I want to sincerely say thank you to all of the Big Ban fans that have loved the BANGS blog.

This update will be the last of the BANGS blog, as the operation of this blog is officially scheduled to be ceased. I am sorry to everyone who has been waiting for Season 2 until now.

The BANGS blog will utilize the fan art posting space and the community space so that the fans will be able to view the web toons and images whenever you would like.


[CYWORLD] 110927 P.O.’s Cyworld Diary Update

Kyungie hyung, I love and respect you. Really, there’s no hyung like you. Kyungie hyung is the best.



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P.O Diary update

Our leader is jjang!

Leader kita jjang!

Block B jjang…. ^__^

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