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Lotte Duty Free May 2012 Calendar with Big Bang [PHOTOS]

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YG Family Special on Strong Heart Part 2 [SUBBED]

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Big Bang Lotte Duty Free April 2012 Calendars

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Big Bang “Lotte Duty Free” March 2012 Wallpapers [DOWNLOAD]


Big Bang Lotte Duty Free February 2012 Calendars (120127) [PHOTOS/DOWNLOAD]

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[AUDIO] Mino – 어떻게 (Feat. Zico) [DOWNLOAD]


[AUDIO] Mino – 어떻게 (Feat. Zico) [DOWNLOAD]


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Block B Zico’s cover of Tim’s “I Love You” [DOWNLOAD]

[AUDIO] Zico’s cover of Tim’s “I Love You” [DOWNLOAD]

This was one of two songs that he sang for pre-debut vocal training (the other being “This Song”).


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Big Bang Lotte Duty Free November 2011 Wallpapers

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Block B Jaehyo – Drunken Truth [DOWNLOAD]

[AUDIO] Jaehyo – Drunken Truth [DOWNLOAD]

[CAFE] 110701 Jaehyo’s Cafe Post

Below my last gift(?) is a behind story about me recording the gift.

ㅋㅋㅋIt was so cringe-worthy I burst out laughing while I was recording,…
To be honest at first this was the song I intended to be the gift.. but it was so embarrassing I wasn’t going to upload it, but I did anyway.
Now I’m done with all the gifts. In the next album I’ll come with an improved image~~~


Yeah, I may just be drunk and this might be a mistake
When morning comes I might act like I don’t remember, be uncomfortable about it
But there are things I need to say tonight
I’m sorry I look so weak but don’t think my words are just a result of being drunk

Always when I stand in front of you, even if I’ve already planned it out
I end up saying the exact opposite. Then I turn around and regret it
But now I’ll confess, that I’ve loved you from the start

This is how I’ve been loving you, although my lame words sound corny and unbelievable
These are not words lightly said, it’s something that probably won’t happen twice
But as morning dawns on us, I’ll take you once again in my arms and tell you I love you



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i11evn -Mic Ceremony feat.Zico of Block B [DOWNLOAD] [FULL MIXTAPE]

i11evn -Mic Ceremony feat.Zico of Block B [DOWNLOAD] [FULL MIXTAPE]


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Fire World Army 2 (BNS Lightning Song – Zico, Kyung) [DOWNLOAD]

[AUDIO] Fire World Army 2 (BNS Lightning Song – Zico, Kyung) [DOWNLOAD]


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[DOWNLOAD] UGLY DUCK & ZICO – Don’t Fool Around (2010)

UGLY DUCK & ZICO – Don’t Fool Around (2010) [DOWNLOAD]


Yeah, stop fooling around, why does everyone have so much to say
Everyone’s so busy witch hunting and group beating
It’s a culture made for the strong
Played by uselessness, but still so fun
In junior high school, I was more used to the brush, not the pen
Faltered a bit in high school, but then I grabbed a mic
The shouts heard all across Okubo complete me
(Fucked up just chillin this track)
Everyone and their mothers whimper thinking it’s hip hop
Don’t think easy of it
It changes with every breath, and I know that
This isn’t a bluff, I could sell my soul for inspiration
I put my life on the line to climb those mountains
(huh huh huh huh) I’ve run out of breath, it’s hard to breathe
I have no interest in this small game, I’m cockier for more



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Big Bang Lotte Duty Free October 2011 Calendar (110930) [PHOTOS/DOWNLOAD]



Zico – But Me [DOWNLOAD]

[AUDIO] Zico – But Me [DOWNLOAD]

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Jaehyo – 연습 (Practice) [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

::::::[AUDIO] Jaehyo – 연습 (Practice) [DOWNLOAD]


Tadada.  I think I recorded this two years ago two years ago in the early morning in the corner of my home.  It’s Rain senior’s song titled September 12 ^^  I recorded it with my laptop so the quality isn’t that great, but I’ll give it to you as a Chuseok present!  Oh yeah, you can upload this song anywhere; you can even give it to your grandmother and grandfather during Chuseok ㅋㅋㅋ. 

I’ll upload the file for you!  It’s a song that I sang while going through a lot of hardships during my training so it’s not anything top quality.  I just wanted to record something in the morning so I did it as a lightning song.  LIsten well!!  I’ll put up another song in about a week or two before we go to Japan.


In the face of break up

No one can be confident

I was like that too

I could only reply with my heart ripped to pieces

And my jaw clenched 

I said I’d do as you said 

I agreed to you coolly that we’d break up

I told you to find someone better than me

That’s what I said on the outside

But I cry as I wait for you 

If I wait for you on our bed with so many memories

You’ll open the door and come find me

Because you’re everything in my life 





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Kyung ( Many.R a.k.a miNimum, Mute) – Style [DOWNLOAD] + Lyric

[AUDIO] Kyung ( Many.R a.k.a miNimum, Mute) – Style [DOWNLOAD]

[LYRICS] Kyung – Style

I run around back and forth because I can’t find a style
I’m lost again today because I can’t come up with a rhyme
I want to ride on my flow, use it as wings to make me fly
But I don’t make any improvements, it’s the same song all over again
And I’m filled with regrets

Stopping, going, doing, stopping, going
Everyone’s leaving with my boring rap
Even my vocalization isn’t stable, why can’t I admit that?
I admit it, that’s why I’m going to go practice more

Every day, I get criticized for my pronunciation
I want to fix it, too
I want to blame it on my tongue for the words that slip out the wrong way
I turn my head back to my roots
I’m going to make sure I find a deeper depth of understanding

I’ll overcome my slump, I’ll fly higher than everyone else
I’m going to keep walking one path to find my own style
I make this promise to myself
Because the answer lies in no one else but me



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Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow [DOWNLOAD] + Lyrics

[AUDIO] Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow [DOWNLOAD]

[LYRICS] Kyung – I Am the New Member of Soulflow

What I earned after failing twice
Isn’t breakdown but the refusal to give in, perseverance, poison, and determination
Every day, I go through hard-training
Time is tickin’
I listen every day, rehearse and rehearse
“Entered Soulflow! I’ll set it all on fire!”
My first goal, my first roar
So that all of my efforts won’t be wasted, won’t be bent
Even if obstacles come my way, I’ll keep looking forward
I’ll keep running, speeding up, accelerating every time
My family Soulflow, microphone, and rhyme notes
I’m stubborn with my route, my heart’s already beating
I’ve advanced, I am advancing, I’m going to do it, I’ll fight and improve
You have to change everything in order to fly
If you try to trick me, I’ll tell you to “shut your mouth”
I’m not going to let go of this opportunity
I’m going to try my best every day and keep pushing forward



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