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Former After School member Yoo So Young cast in ‘Dream High 2′

Former After School member Yoo So Young will be reuniting with leader Kahi, as it’s just been revealed that she was cast in ‘Dream High 2‘!

Earlier, we reported that Kahi was cast as one of the school’s teachers, but Yoo So Young will be playing the role of a student, making their reunion one of a teacher and student.

News of her casting had netizens buzzing with whether they’ll be rivals, but representatives were quick to put them down, stating, Kahi is a teacher and Yoo So Young is a student so there will be no rivalry in the drama.”

This will be her second acting project since her departure from After School back in 2009. Since then, she’s acted in KBS‘s ‘Women of Our Home‘.


f(x)’s Luna & SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong cast in new TV Chosun drama

f(x)‘s Luna and SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong have confirmed their casting for TV Chosun‘s upcoming drama, ‘Saving Ajumma Go Bong Shil‘!

Although they have experience acting in musicals, this will be their first time acting in more formal roles for a TV series. Both Luna and Kim Kyu Jong are known for being idols that exude charisma on stage, so audiences are looking forward to see how that will translate on to the drama.

Luna will play the role of Kim Hae Sook’s maknae daughter ‘Seo In Young’ (21), a college student majoring in Western Painting, while Kim Kyu Jong will play the role of ‘Nicki’ (24), a man who dreams of becoming a musical actor. Since the drama is centered around Kim Hae Sook, their roles won’t be as extensive as the rest of the cast; however, they are still very important characters to the plot.

Luna stated, “It’s my first drama so I’m extremely scared and nervous, but I’ll try to show as much of my character as I can.” Kim Kyu Jong added, “As my character isn’t someone that leads the plot, I will use this experience to learn and grow.”


Source + Photos: Issue Daily via Naver

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Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee star in a new SBS aviation drama ‘Take Care of Us, Captain’

On December 13, leading actors for the new SBS drama ‘Take Care of Us, Captain‘, Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee, spoke about why they decided to partake in the drama.

Goo Hye Sun replied, “Around July August I was filming a drama ‘He Never’ in Taiwan, when the director gave me the synopsis and script for ‘Take Care of Us, Captain’. I thought the script was a lot of fun. The director told me that he wanted to cast me, but he personally came all the way to Taiwan. The director had a lot of enthusiasm for the drama”.

Ji Jin Hee added, “I also decided to do this drama after seeing how enthusiastic the director was”.

The drama’s CP, Kim Young Sup, also revealed a surprising cost about their aviation set.


Yoo Seung Ho confirmed for TV Chosun drama, ‘Operation Love’

It was recently revealed that young actor, Yoo Seung Ho has confirmed to play the main male lead in the upcoming drama, ‘Operation Love‘ which will be shown on Chosun cable television.

On December 12th, TV Chosun reported, Yoo Seung Ho has officially confirmed to star in ‘Operation Love’ as the male lead.

Furthermore, a representative for the drama tweeted about the first recording which hyped up the excitement of fans.  Regarding this matter, Osen conducted an interview with the production team where they told, On the 9th, we were testing out new equipment.  It wasn’t an official recording.  We will commence the first recording on the 20th.”

Yoo Seung Ho also shared his thoughts on the drama by saying, “Baek-Ho[Main lead] has the memories of his first love just like any ordinary guy.  The time travel and first love concept of this drama was refreshing and interesting to me.”


What were the top dramas for 2011?

With 2011 coming to a close, the industry has been busy calculating the annual best of the best, among them being the top TV shows of the year.

Recently, a list of top 10 TV shows with the highest viewer ratings was released, in which KBS dominated with eight dramas. Interestingly enough, their ‘Happy Sunday‘ was also the only variety program to make the top 10 cut amidst fierce competition from other dramas.

SBS managed to keep its pride thanks to the success of its dramas ‘Secret Garden‘ and ‘Deep-Rooted Tree‘. MBC, on the other hand, didn’t have a single drama or variety show on the list.

Shows were ranked by TNmS based on total average viewer ratings nationwide. Check out the rank below!


’2011 KBS Drama Awards’ reveals list of nominees

It’s that time of the year where award shows roll out one-by-one to honor the best and brightest of the year. KBS has just revealed the list of nominees for their ’2011 KBS Drama Awards’, which will air on December 31st to cap off a good year for the station.


SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong takes on a role in new drama, ‘Saving Ahjooma Go Bong Sil’

SS501 member Kim Kyu Jong expressed his disappointment in not receiving any acting advice from his fellow members.

At the press conference for TVChosun‘s new drama ‘Saving Ahjooma Go Bong Sil’ that took place at Kyungnam’s Hilton Golf and Spa Resort Clubhouse on the 7th, Kim Kyu Jong remarked,,

They simply told me to ‘do well’,” he revealed. “Everyone is so busy, they don’t even have time to take care of themselves, let alone me.

All of us members agreed that we would focus on individual promotions for this year and next. I hope that we will all work really hard and we will be able to greet each other as good-willed rivals,” he added with hope.


After School’s Kahi gets cast for ‘Dream High 2′

It’s just been reported that After School’s Kahi will be joining the cast of ‘Dream High 2′ as one of the instructors of Kirin Arts High School!

A source revealed to Star News, “Kahi will show you her transformation into an actress for the first time through this drama… She will try her hardest to show you the best that she has to offer.”

Kahi will be acting alongside J.Y. Park, Choi Yeo Jin, and Kwon Hae Hyo as the school’s staff members. She (and the other teachers) will be in charge of guiding the students, T-ara’s Jiyeon, 2AM’s Jinwoon, Kang Sora, and SISTAR’s Hyorin.


Source + Photo: Star News, Sure Magazine

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Kim Hyun Joong turns down leading role offer for ‘Speed’

Recently, we reported that Kim Hyun Joong was offered the lead role in TV Chosun‘s upcoming drama, ‘Speed‘. It’s now been revealed that the star had declined the part due to a cramped schedule.

On December 7th, director Shin Je Kwang of KeyEast Entertainment said, It’s a good work so we examined it, however, Kim Hyun Joong will be releasing a Japanese album in January and plans to move into Chinese promotions in February and March. Therefore, it has been decided that working on a drama with his current schedule would be too much.

‘Speed’ is scheduled to air in March and April of next year. Yang Yun Ho (of KBS2TV‘s ‘Iris‘ fame) will directing this drama about competitive race car drivers and their crossed fates.

While Kim Hyun Joong has declined the offer, actor Lee Jung Jae and SNSD‘s Sooyoung have signed on for the series.


Source: OSEN via Nate

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Big Bang’s Daesung apologizes once again at ‘What’s Up’ press event

Big Bang‘s Daesung has once again apologized for upsetting fans with his scandal earlier this year. The idol has apologized numerous times recently, with the latest being at the ‘YG Family Concert‘ this past weekend.

On December 6th, Daesung appeared at a production event in Seoul for his MBN drama ‘What’s Up‘, where he said, While I was on a break, I was able to think deeply about my work and the things I need to do and complete.”

He continued,I deeply apologize for worrying so many people. In the future I, will work hard to bring happiness to even more people. I’m extremely nervous, but I will call upon my courage and do the best I can in everything I do.”

With regards to his drama filming, Daesung commented, I’m happy that I was able to experience the ‘student life’ that I can’t fully experience as a celebrity.”


‘Dream High 2′ reveals finalized main cast list

KBS 2TV‘s ‘Dream High 2‘ has finally released its confirmed list of main cast members!

Actress Kang Sora, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, T-ara‘s Jiyeon, and 2AM‘s Jung Jinwoon have all confirmed that they’ll be taking part in the sequel series to the popular teenage drama.

On December 6th, the producers of ‘Dream High 2′ and CJ Media announced that Kang Sora would be taking on the role of ‘Shin Hye Sung‘, an awkward and somewhat weird idol aspirant who learned music solely through effort.

Kang Sora, who plans on showcasing her strong acting abilities through this new role, commented, “I’ve only acted until now, so having to perform on stage as well is honestly a burden. However, I’m both nervous and excited because this will be a new challenge for me.”


Daesung returns in “What’s Up”

Daesung has carefully stepped back into the spotlight with his first acting piece.

Daesung appeared as the lead character named Ha Do Sung in the MBN drama What’s Up, which aired its first episode on December 3. This is the first time he’s appeared in front of the public in seven months, since his car crash incident in May.

Ha Do Sung (Daesung) calls himself Hades, and sings on television in a mask to hide his identity, because of his parents. But when he learns that someone has taken a photo of him, he gives up singing and tries out to become a musical major.

The broadcast recorded 0.46% viewership ratings (AGB Nielsen Media Research), which, while fairly low, is a good start for a new station, and Daesung’s acting was also received well.


Kim Jung Tae cast for ‘Dream High 2′, to begin filming in December

Actor Kim Jung Tae has been added to the cast list for KBS‘s ‘Dream High 2‘!

Kim Jung Tae made the announcement himself through his own fan cafe, where he posted, I have decided to film ‘Dream High 2′. His agency confirmed the casting, as they told TV Daily on November 30th, Because of his other program schedules, he was trying to coordinate it. Recently, however, we were able to confirm his appearance.

The agency talked about his upcoming schedule as they relayed, Because it is a project that currently films in the area, it seems that filming will begin next month.

Kim Jung Tae will take on the role of Kirin High School’s president, ‘Lee Kang Chul’. At this time, the sequel to the popular teenage drama has confirmed that  T-ara‘s Jiyeon, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, Ailee, and many others have joined the program.


SM Entertainment and Channel A to produce new idol drama, “K-Pop Survival”

It was recently reported that SM Entertainment will be working with Channel A (of the upcoming “Joint Organization Channel”) to produce a brand new idol drama called ‘K-Pop Survival‘.

‘K-Pop Survival’ will unravel a story about the progress of a normal student who, in the hopes of becoming an idol star, auditions for and ultimately wins a tough survival singing contest. They eventually go on to make their official debut both nationally and internationally as a new K-Pop star.

During an official press conference, representatives of Channel A stated, We are no longer in a generation where a drama is judged purely by its ratings. We need to start making dramas that will succeed even when it gets exported overseas.

They continued, We’re currently in talks with SM Entertainment to produce ‘K-Pop Survival’.


T-ara’s Jiyeon cast for ‘Dream High 2′!

The star-studded cast for the upcoming KBS production ‘Dream High 2‘ has been generating widespread excitement as of late, and the latest idol to step into the highly-anticipated drama will be none other than T-ara‘s Jiyeon!

With several acting gigs already under her belt, Jiyeon will bring her acting talents over to her new role, which has yet to be specified. The casting was decided at a meeting with the producers last weekend.

“Although I’m already busy with domestic and foreign promotions, after reading the synopsis for ‘Dream High 2′ I decided to take it because it was a role that I wanted to play. I wanted to relive memories of my trainee days and as a hardworking student before it was too late,” she said. “I’ll be putting a lot of effort into it, so please be expecting it.”


Source: Sports Chosun via Nate

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Daesung to make first public appearance at “What’s Up” Press Conference (111124)

Big Bang’s Daesung will make his first public appearance at the press conference for upcoming MBN drama “What’s Up” on December 6. Since his car accident in May, Daesung has suspended all activities in Korea.

“Daesung will appear in public at the press conference with other cast members,” an MBN official told local media. Daesung will appear alongside Im Joo Hwan, Lee Soo Hyuk, Jang Hee Jin, and Yim Joo Eun for the first press meeting.

This will be the first official public event in Korea for Daesung since his car accident last May. He made an appearance at the MTVEuropean Music Awards” earlier this month with Big Bang, but that show took place in the UK.

“What’s Up” is a TV drama series featuring Daesung as the main lead character. The drama is about the live of theater major students. The 18-part series was filmed before Daesung’s car accident. Meanwhile, Daesung will make his first stage appearance at the “YG Family Concert” next month in Korea. Welcome back Daesung!


Credits: Soompi

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SM Entertainment artists will not be taking part in ‘Dream High 2′

Fans of ‘Dream High‘ felt disappointed by the announcement made KBS today, who revealed that SM Entertainment has no plans to take part in the drama’s sequel.

Although the company had agreed to team up with KeyEast Entertainment and JYP Entertainment for ‘Dream High 2‘, they bowed out at the casting stage due to overwhelming overseas schedules for all of their artists, including Super Junior, SNSD, TVXQ, SHINee, and f(x).

“We focused on casting with the plan that SM Entertainment artists would take part in Season 2 based on Season 1′s success, but schedules were so tight that the plan eventually amounted to nothing,” said a representative for KBS. “It’s a shame, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

‘Dream High 2′ is scheduled to air its first episode on January 30th, and has so far confirmed like 2AM‘s Jinwoon, SISTAR‘s Hyorin, actress Kang Sora, and rookie Ailee.


Source: Sports Seoul via Nate

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Wheesung’s trainee, Ailee, to be a part of ‘Dream High 2′

Wheesung‘s trainee and former YouTube star Ailee has been confirmed for ‘Dream High 2′.

A source revealed on November 23rd that Ailee will be appearing in the KBS drama, scheduled to air early next year.

The rookie singer made headlines in September when she appeared on the Chuseok special, ‘Singers and Trainees’. She impressed the judges as well as the viewers with her powerful vocals and stage manners, which made it hard to believe she hadn’t even debuted yet.

Ailee has been receiving love calls from various projects, but decided on ‘Dream High 2′. She will play the role of one of the members in a popular girl group trio along with SISTAR’s Hyorin.


Hyorin being considered for “Dream High 2″

It was revealed on November 23rd that SISTAR‘s leader, Hyorin, is being considered for a role in the upcoming drama, “Dream High 2” which is scheduled to air early next year.

SISTAR’s agency, Starship Entertainment responded to mydaily, It is true that Hyorin has been offered a role for ‘Dream High 2′ and we have met for discussions. We are considering the offer positively and our final decision would rest on the coordination between the filming schedule and SISTAR’s schedule.”

A staff member from the drama production company revealed, We are currently in contact with 2AM’s Jinwoon, actress Kang Sora, and Hyorin for ‘Dream High 2′. But it’s still early to say that they are definitely in.”

“Dream High 2″ is highly anticipated among fans after the immense popularity of “Dream High” which aired earlier this year. “Dream High 2″ is expected to begin airing from January 30th, 2012.


Source: mydaily via Nate

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Kang Sora and 2AM’s Jinwoon named as possible leads for ‘Dream High 2′

Rumors are heating up over 2AM‘s Jinwoon and actress Kang Sora being the potential leads in ‘Dream High 2‘.

One representative revealed, It’s known that Jung Jinwoon and Kang Sora were chosen as the leads… It seems they are looking for new faces in the amateur field.

Both Jinwoon and Kang Sora are said to be finalizing their decisions.

A representative relayed, A script reading was originally planned on November 23rd but a problem arose, causing it to be cancelled. In addition to the main leads, a novice singer and a girl group member will also join the cast — it will be a mass of rookies.


J.Y. Park to appear in “Dream High 2″

It’s being reported that J.Y. Park will appear in ’Dream High 2‘, the sequel to the popular teen drama series which is scheduled to air in early 2012.

According to a representative who revealed on November 21st, J.Y. Park is scheduled to play a character that will connect the events of Season 1 to Season 2. At this time, the scripts for the first three episodes have been completed and J.Y. Park’s character (Yang Jin Man) is in there. He is the only character from Season 1 that will appear in Season 2. Unless the script changes dramatically, it is nearly confirmed that J.Y. Park will act in the drama.”

In the first season, J.Y. Park starred as the poor English teacher, Yang Jin Man. But he didn’t just teach English — he also taught the preparatory music lessons as well.

While his role was very comedic, it was also very endearing. Through this, J.Y. Park was even nominated for the ‘rookie actor award’ at the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards.


First official photo of ‘Full House 2′ revealed!

A photo still of actor No Min Woo and actress Hwang Jung Eum posing as their ‘Full House 2‘characters is gaining interest.

On November 15th, an online community posted the topic, ‘Drama ‘Full House 2′ Three Main Characters‘, with the photo.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, and Park Ki Woong are sitting on the bench with various poses. While the two men pose in a laidback manner, Hwang Jung Eum’s bright red sweater and curly hairstyle is drawing much laughter from netizens, who are her to the horror movie character, Chucky, in ‘Child’s Play‘.

Netizens replied with, Is this Full House 2? Isn’t this ‘Child’s Play’?and, Why is she wearing that kind of sweater…


Kim Soohyun to play a king in the drama “The Moon Bearing the Sun”

Kim Soohyun was a huge success in “Dream High” and now he has been cast to star in a historical drama where he will become a king. This information was released by KEYEAST which announced through a press release that he would be playing a king named Lee Hwon in a show called “The Moon Bearing the Sun” which will air its premiere in January of 2012.

The show’s producer said that they chose Soohyun for this role since he approached his characters as his life and a real personality unlike only an ordinary role. “The Moon Bearing the Sun” is classified as a fantasy romantic series during the Jonseon Dynasty. The drama will be about the depressing love between two characters including Soohyun as Lee Hwon and a character named Wol as a female shaman.

The series is based on the novel with the same title by Jung Eungwol who also wrote the novel for “Sungkyunkwan Scandal” which was a KBS hit TV series. The drama will also be written by Jin Soowan of “Capital Scandal” and directed by Kim Dohoon of “Royal Family.”

At the age of 23, Kim Soohyun has been in several dramas after debuting in the MBC sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile” in 2008 in a small role. He is currently finishing filming “The Thieves” which will also star actors Kim Hyesoo, Jun Jihyun, and Kim Yunseok.


Source: 10Asiae

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What’s Up Premiere Date on MBN

MBN hasn’t released its final program schedule yet but it looks like we finally have the premiere date of Daesung‘s musical drama, What’s Up. On Naver, when you search for a drama, the duration or the date the series will air or aired is usually shown. As you can see below, the date for What’s Up (왓츠업) is December 3, 2011: