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Lotte Duty Free May 2012 Calendar with Big Bang [PHOTOS]

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Big Bang chosen as “Sunny10” models

On the 28th, Coca Cola announced that BIGBANG will continue to endorse Sunny10 Sparklingade.

Last year, Sunny10 had G-Dragon and T.O.P as their main advertisement models and they did a re-make of Sunny10’s CF song, which was a big hit.

This year, with BIGBANG’s comeback, all the members of the group will be working as Sunny10’s Sparklingade models.

Coca Cola said, “Idol group BIGBANG’s trendy and stylish character matches Sunny10’s Sparklingade’s image. Because of this, we decided to go with BIGBANG for Sunny10’s new CF. BIGBANG making a comeback to the public after a long a break and Sunny10’s Sparklingade are both fresh and we believe that Sparklingade’s 10% fruit juice will grab younger consumers’ attention and love.”


Korean actors & K-Pop stars unite for Gaon’s anti-piracy ’2012 Good Downloader Campaign’

Korean movie and K-Pop stars united together for a new effort against piracy being led by Gaon Chart called the ‘2012 Good Downloader Campaign‘.

Actors Ahn Sung Gi, Park Joong Hoon, Lee Min Jung, Jang Hyuk and music stars Yoon Do Hyun (YB), Kim Yuna (Jaurim), Yunho (TVXQ), Nickhun (2PM), Sohee (Wonder Girls), as well as Sulli (f(x)) banded together for the campaign during a shoot yesterday, sending the message that pirating movies and music is illegal and wrong.

A representative from the ’2012 Good Downloader Campaign’ commented that they wanted to get the message across that pirating movies and music is definitely not okay, but to also make people think about pirating in a more broad sense including things like television programs, characters, and sportswear.

Yoon Do Hyun stated, “I got the call from Ahn Sung Gi and heard about the campaign so I happily participated. In terms of music, legal ways of getting it are increasing, but so are illegal ways to get it like smartphones…”


Big Bang Lotte Duty Free February 2012 Calendars (120127) [PHOTOS/DOWNLOAD]

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Lee Seung Gi and SNSD gets crowned as 2011′s CF King and Queens

In the Korean entertainment biz, one of the best indicators of your popularity depends on the number of endorsement deals you can score. According to a recent survey, SNSD and Lee Seung Gi were the CF Queens and King for the year 2011!

SNSD and Lee Seung Gi both filmed a total of 27 different commercials in the past 12 months. SNSD filmed and endorsed brands for fried chicken, water purification systems, beauty products, and more. On the other hand, Lee Seung Gi took on commercials for pizza, banking and finance, refrigerator brands and more.

Next on the list were top stars like Won Bin (with 24 commercials), Hyun Bin (with 19), and IU (with 18).

Source + Image: Star News

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2NE1 & Kim Kab Soo duke it out on Nintendo Wii

Earlier this month it was revealed that girl group 2NE1 and famed actor Kim Kab Soo teamed up to film a commercial together for the Nintendo Wii. After seeing hilarious outtakes of the five stars battling on ‘Mario Kart’, the official promotional photo has been released on Nintendo’s official website.


ELLE shares BTS video of YG ladies’ ‘fairytale gothic’ photoshoot

A few days ago, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park revealed that YG Entertainmentwas working with ELLE magazine for their annual charity project, ‘Share Happiness‘.


Soul by Ludacris “Big Bang Special Edition” Earphone Release

Soul and Media Group (Representative Kim Hyo Suk) announced on November 1st that Soul by Ludacris Special Edition earphones, that Big Bang personally designed, will be released in two designs.

These earphones are a new part of Soul by Ludacris’ existing line of SL49 colorful designs. The earphones have different colors on both sides of the lines and were manufactured based on the concept of “imbalance”, and they will be available in the colors red and green.

The Big Bang Special Edition Earphones are planned to be first introduced to the world market by Korea through the Soul and Media Group, which will add to the rarity value of the product.

The Big Bang Special Edition Earphones will be available for purchase at Frisbee, The A Shop, Kyobo Library, etc., and may also be available for purchase on various online open markets. The price will be 149,000 won.


Big Bang Lotte Duty Free November 2011 Wallpapers

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2PM’s rising success in Japan & Asia

Idol group 2PM is stirring the hearts of ladies all across Asia! With members Taecyeon and Chansung recently being cast in Japanese dramas and their current Asia tour, the boys are receiving explosive reactions from fans throughout the continent. Their Taiwan show that took place on the 7th and 8th gathered over 10,000 fans, and tickets to their next performance in Indonesia sold out 15 minutes after going on sale.

The 10,000 fans that were at their ‘2PM Hands Up Tour Concert‘ screamed the name, 2PM at the top of their lungs, and the foreign fans sang along with each of the Korean songs. Many fans even shed tears at the sight of their favorite K-pop idol group. Their Indonesia show is scheduled to take place next month at the largest venue in Jakarta, Indonesia. Additionally, 2PM’s agency JYP Entertainment stated that Singapore and Malaysia as well as Indonesia are highly anticipating the boys’ arrival.

The boys’ fame in Japan, however, is on a completely different level. 2PM guest-stars on various programs on Japanese television including music programs, dramas, variety shows, and more. Chansung has been cast in the new Japanese TBS drama ‘Phantom Thief Royale‘ that will begin airing on the 28th. He is the second member to appear on a Japanese drama after Taecyeon, who was cast in ‘My 99 Days with a Star‘ with actress Kim Tae Hee.

‘Phantom Thief Royale’ tells the story of 4 young people whose missions are to steal high-prized possessions, and the things that happen along the way. Chansung plays the role of athletic and physically fit Jack.


SHINee to be the next face of ‘Etude House’

Idol group SHINee has been chosen to be the next face of Korean makeup brand, Etude House.

On October 25th, Etude House tweeted, ”Bling bling Etude and shining SHINee have met! Please anticipate Etude, who will now be working with SHINee!

Smiling brightly in pastel-toned clothes, the boys are certainly living up to the brand’s slogan, “Want to be sweet?”. Reportedly, the boys will endorse alongside Etude House’s current model, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park.

Fans commented, “Wow~ SHINee!!! Really bling bling~~~” “SHINee looking good! Is there a chance that they will be shooting a CF with Dara?” and “I’m going to grab their poster at the store +.+


Source: Etude House’s Twitter

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SHINee to join 2NE1’s Dara for Etude House

SHINee has been chosen to be the new product endorser for Etude House and will join 2NE1‘s Dara as celebrity models.

On one of the Etude House’s updates via Facebook, they revealed that they have gotten the confirmation that SHINee was selected to be the new models from October 2011 until next year.

According to Etude House Taiwan’s official Facebook page, they announced that they received confirmation from South Korea that Etude House will have another model aside from Dara. Further stating that SHINee is expected to participate in the brand’s upcoming campaigns, including their “Etude House Pink Party” and other events.

Despite Etude House’s confirmation regarding SHINee’s participation, SM Entertainment has not yet made reports about this endorsement.

New G-Dragon Bean Pole CF (featuring Superstar K3) [VIDEO]


Source: beanpoleblog@youtube.com

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Is Seungri Shooting a CF for “Coca Cola”?

Big Bang‘s Seungri recently updated his me2day with a photo that’s caused some netizens to wonder if he’s shooting a CF.

On September 27th, Seungri left a mysterious post on his homepage, saying, “Coca Cola is yummy. If it’s yummy, then I’ll eat it again. Try guessing. Ding Dong Daeng Dong.”
In the photo, Seungri gives the camera a mischievous smirk as he poses in front of a Coca Cola sign.

Netizens immediately bombarded his homepage with comments like, “Are you shooting a CF?”, “Ah your face got slimmer! Did you go on a diet for something…?” and “Tease tease tease!”

Source: Naver
Translation: Allkpop

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Big Bang to endorse Ludacris’ headphones, ‘Soul by Ludacris’

Big Bang has been named as the new endorsement models for Ludacris‘s luxury headphones line, ‘Soul by Ludacris.

On September 22nd, Soul & Media Group, a Korean distributor for audio equipment, announced that Big Bang will be endorsing ‘Soul by Ludacris’ in Korea.  Starting today, the products will be up for pre-order on the YG E-Shop, G-Market, 11th Street, Interpark, GS Shop, AK Mall, and others.

On September 29th, Big Bang and other top celebrities will also be attending the launch party for the brand. Big Bang also has a lot of fun promotional events lined up that fans can look forward to.



Source + Photos: Jaekyung Journal via Naver

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2NE1’s “Ugly” featured in a CF for magazine “Sweet”

Making their presence known in Japan as they commence promotions for their debut release, 2NE1’s track “Ugly” was featured as the background song for a magazine’s commercial clip. The track was used as background music for the October Issue of Takarajimasha’s “Sweet” magazine, one of the popular fashion publication in the country.

In a previous announcement, the magazine stated that they have selected the track as the lyrics talked about womens’ insecurities making it easy for their readers to relate. “Ugly” previously had a special release last 31st of August through Japan’s online downloading portal, Recochoku.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is set to return to the country on the 15th of September, after they have finished filming the music video for “Ugly”, followed by their upcoming six day concert tour throughout Japan’s major cities.

“The North Face” Official Logo Song


Source: Thenorthfacekorea @youtube.com

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Watch 2NE1′s Public Service Announcement for Law and Order

2NE1 participated in a public service announcement for Law and Order, promoting legal ways to keep people safe and out of trouble.

From recycling, watching the lights to safely cross the street, using a seat belt, safe downloads, and getting along with friends, 2NE1 demonstrates ways to help people abide the law.


The North Face CF Song Full MV


The North Face CF Song is composed by G-Dragon & Kush.

G-market Updates With New Photos Of G-Dragon & Yoo In Na


T.O.P “The North Face” 2011 F/W Style Book Making Film



Credits: yulpapa.com, Gilbakk

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G-Dragon Bean Pole Super Style TV CF (15s Version) [VIDEO]


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Big Bang Untuk “The North Face”

Source: North Face

Grup idola Big Bang baru-baru ini terpilih sebagai wajah baru untuk outdoors brand, global dan populer “The North Face”.

Menurut YG Entertainment, Big Bang dipilih sebagai model baru dengan ‘The North Face’ sejak paruh kedua tahun ini. Dari typical outdoor style, Big Bang akan lebih trendi mewakili outdoors style untuk the North Face.

Seorang pejabat dari tim pemasaran north face mengatakan, “Sebagai sebuah kelompok yang dipimpin oleh budaya inovatif, Big Bang sebagai kelompok yang selalu dengan semangat untuk terus menggali, sehingga The North Face memutuskan mereka benar-benar cocok. Dengan proyek baru ini, itu diharapkan bahwa perasaan dari outfoors akan bersinar melalui gaya baru.”