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Big Bang’s “Bling Bling” Punk Look

Big Bang is a daily topic for not just music, but other things, like title song selection, unique music videos and visuals, and their individual fashion style. From their music video clothing to their performance clothing, they have been gathering much interest. Their shocking hairstyles and everything in general is interesting the general public as well as fans.

B.A.P makes an appearance at Seoul Fashion Week with new hair color

On the evening of April 2nd, B.A.P made an appearance at the ‘2012 Spring Seoul Fashion Week: the Song Hye Myung Collection‘ show, which was held at Seoul Bangi-dong’s Olympic Hall. Members Yong Guk and Daehyun caught the crowd’s attention with their new dirty blonde hair color, giving off a different feel from their platinum blonde hair.


B1A4 members become romantic spring gentlemen for ‘Hats On’

B1A4 tried on some colorful Spring hats for their newest photo shoot.


Who wore it better: Big Bang’s T.O.P or Kim Tae Won?

Big Bang‘s rapper, T.O.P and veteran singer, Kim Tae Won were recently spotted wearing the same jacket.

On December 24th, Kim Tae Won wore a stylish red-and-black jacket at the 2011 KBS Entertainment Awards‘ ceremony. The jacket was the very same one worn by T.O.P. when he performed on Mnet back in March. However, netizens were amazed at how different the two celebrities looked despite wearing the same jacket.

Kim Tae Won emphasized his rocker style by wearing leather pants and a fitted black shirt. He accessorized with chrome aviators as well as an elaborate silver pendant and chain. The red and black jacket added a splash of color, while heightening the look of a cool musician.

T.O.P., on the other hand, lived up to his reputation as the trendy, yet masculine idol as he wore the jacket with ease. The pattern can be overwhelming, but thanks to T.O.P.’s clean cut look and silver hair, it blends in perfectly with his style.


‘High Cut’ photographer praises INFINITE as “more than just idols”

‘Trend idols’ INFINITE, who are currently busily preparing for their first solo concert, participated in a new photoshoot with fashion magazine ‘High Cut‘!

The boys were dressed in eight different themes, which included pieces that ranged from preppy suits to fur pieces. Known for their teamwork both on and off stage, INFINITE worked seamlessly together to bring their best traits out for the camera, while falling easily into natural poses with one another.

Photographer Joo Yong Kyun expressed, “I thought INFINITE were just idol singers, but this opportunity made me look at them in a different light. They’re not just idols, as they have infinite passion and potential as models as well.”

In the trio cut centered around white pieces, Woohyun‘s dressed in a Solid Homme knit top with gray Emporio Armani pants, while Sungyeol‘s wearing a VanHart Homme ivory coat. Sungjong‘s shirt is by Neil Barrett.


G-Dragon gets named in Singapore’s Top 10 ‘Men of Style’ list

G-Dragon‘s fashion sense has achieved iconic status in Korea, and it’s finally starting to make waves in international fashion communities.

Recently, Singapore’s largest daily newspaper ‘The Straits Times‘ published an article listing the top 10 ‘Men of Style‘. The author explained that G-Dragon is …a fashion chameleon who has experimented with looks from Goth to Preppy. He is also a trendsetter in his own right: When he dyed his hair platinum blonde for his album in 2009, newspaper reports claimed that the style became one of the most sought-after looks in South Korea that year.

They continued, His fashion clout has turned him into an endorsement magnet in his home country. He currently has 10 deals with brands such as apparel label Bean Pole and outdoor equipment brand The North Face.”

The magazine then went on to describe his style as, Roguish chic. But no matter what he dons, he pulls it all off effortlessly.”


Who Wore It Better: Gong Hyo Jin vs. Minzy

Fashionista actress Gong Hyo Jin and girl group 2NE1 member Minzy are garnering attention for wearing the same outfit in different styles.


2NE1 become the first Korean artists to be on the cover of ‘WWD Japan’

The ladies of 2NE1 have become the first Korean artists to grace the cover of popular Japanese fashion magazine, ‘WWD Japan‘!

2NE1 were chosen as cover models for the magazine’s winter issue, which allowed them to  join the ranks of many other famous women in Japan who previously graced the cover such as professional skater Asada Mao and actress Miyazawa Rie.

For their pictorial, 2NE1 wore French brand Balmain, which gave them an elegant gloss to their fierce charisma. Reportedly, the members’ outfits had cost around 25 million yen (approximately 322,872 USD).

In related news, 2NE1 will join fellow YG Entertainment artists and perform at the ‘YG Family Concert in Japan‘ on January 7th and 8th at the Kyocera Dome, and on January 21st and 22nd at the Saitama Super Arena.


Source + Photo: enews24 via Nate
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MTV EMA Blog: Dress up like Big Bang this Halloween [MISC]

From MTV EMA Blog:

EMA-Inspired Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

So it’s down to the wire and you still haven’t come up with any ideas for this year’s Halloween costume? No worries! Take some inspiration from the many 2011 MTV EMA nominees with signature style…that is surprisingly easy to copy on the cheap. In fact, you can probably throw together any one of these looks by raiding your own closet, your roommate’s, and/or your parents’. (OK, and maybe picking up a wig.)

To maximize the celebrity-lookalike effect (and deflect “You totally just threw that together at the last minute, didn’t you?” remarks), enlist your equally procrastinatory friends to join you in a group costume.


TVXQ talks about their preferred fashion styles and ideal types

The October 22nd episode of On Style‘s ‘Fashion Magazine‘ sat down with TVXQ to talk about the boys’ favorite fashion styles and ideal types.

When asked to describe what their normal style is like, Changmin replied, “I try to wear clothing that makes me look thin and long. My essential fashion items are backpacks and fedoras.” As for pants, Changmin revealed that he preferred skinny jeans or pants slightly rolled up above the feet.

In contrast, Yunho chose, “I like taking standard styles and adding a point with accessories like big watches. I’m currently collecting big framed watches.”

When asked what their ideal style on women was, Changmin revealed, “I love Anne Hathaway‘s style in the movie, ‘The Devil Wears Prada‘. I thought everything she wore in the movie was pretty.”


Adidas Originals to sell 2NE1-inspired shoes from Jeremy Scott in November

A few days ago, Sandara Park showed off her new kicks from famous fashion designer, Jeremy Scott. The close friendship between Scott and girl group 2NE1 has been making headlines for a while now, but it’s just been revealed that he’ll be showcasing a line of footwear inspired by his fierce amigos.

The designer revealed that many of his projects were inspired by musicians and artists, and 2NE1 were his latest muses. He wanted to directly express the inspiration he received from 2NE1, and so he came up with the collection, ‘JS Collage Wing x 2NE1′.

‘JS Collage Wings x 2NE1′ has elements derived from 2NE1′s music, character, fashion style, and individual member qualities. In order to express the mix-and-match style unique to 2NE1, he decided to incorporate the use of the collage technique.

Meanwhile, ‘JS Wing 2.0 Satin is made of pure white satin material and decorated with wings to evoke an angel design.