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SHINee celebrates their win on ‘Music Bank’ with EXO-K

SHINee‘s Key revealed a picture of SHINee with their hoobae EXO-K after their two consecutive wins on ‘Music Bank‘.


NU’EST’s Baekho shares an adorable photo of Minhyun with his niece

A heartwarming photo of Minhyun with his niece has captured the hearts of NU’EST fans because of the “family guy” image the member exudes.


G-Dragon knows how to please his fans + [PHOTOS] White Day Candies from Big Bang to VIP Fanclub Members

Big Bang’s G-Dragon recently presented fans with candies in a brilliant way.

On March 14, the Big Bang leader posted a picture with the comment, “Happy White Day.”

In the picture, GD strikes a playful pose while covering the most part of his face with big candies. His adorable look with candies must have made his fans drool.

Netizens responded: “You’re such a cutie.” “I’m taking away you photos.” “I wish I got candies from GD. Send me one by courier.” “I see he’s so affectionate to his fans.”


SHINee’s Key snaps a picture with Woohyun after attending INFINITE’s concert

Earlier, we reported that INFINITE held their very first solo concert, ‘Second Invasion‘, at the Seoul Olympic Park stadium on February 11th. It’s just been revealed that SHINee‘s Key was there at the event to show some support for his close friend, Woohyun.


Gummy hints that she is working with YG Entertainment’s new group

Singer Gummy shared a photo of herself enjoying a fun recording session with some of her fellow YG Entertainment label mates.

The singer shared the above photo via her official me2day page on the 18th and wrote, The newest voices of YG Entertainment has gathered to record a group chorus! I can’t reveal their faces just yet!”

She continued, Our YG staff members stayed up so late to help us record! What do you guys want to eat? Oh, this is the life!

In the photo, Gummy is wearing a grey hoodie with the hood over her head, and is standing before the recording microphone with a hilarious expression on her face.


2NE1’s Sandara Park and Park Bom Released From YG’s Dating Ban

2NE1 member Sandara Park is overjoyed this year–she is absolutely free to date whoever she wants this year! Park Bom, who is also the same age as Sandara, is also free from the dating ban that was in their contract with YG.

She posted on her Me2Day saying, “Today’s new years! 99% of the texts that I received from my friends and acquaintances were, ‘I hope you get a cool boyfriend this year,’ and ‘Have a wonderful love this year!’ It seems that people around me are more worried than I am about getting a boyfriend! As promised by YG CEO, we are free to date starting this year! Woot! Anyways, everyone, have a blessed new year! I want to become cuter this year!”

She continued, “Age does not matter for us anymore! Cuter! More fun and entertaining! Fighting!”

She also upload a picture along with her post. She’s seen wearing a bright hot pink T-shirt, along with cutesy makeup and a long wavy brown hairstyle.


Pledis Boys’ Baekho asks fans for their love & support

Pledis Boys member Baekho posted a picture while backstage at Mnet‘s M! Countdown asking fans to pour out their love and support for Happy Pledis.

On December 22nd, Baekho wrote through his me2day, “Did you watch the M! Countdown broadcast today~~? Please give lots of love to the Pledis family members and please give me, Baekho, lots of love, too!! hehehehe ^^”

As a member of the Happy Pledis family, After School‘s UEE also left a comment on her me2day account in response to Baekho, stating, “Baekho is next to me on me2day, so I thought I would come see!!!! Our Pledis family! Baekho fighting!!”

In the picture that Baekho uploaded, he is seen smiling cheerfully towards the camera while pointing to the M! Countdown sign for the Pledis room. Fans were particularly drawn to Baekho’s cute charms in the picture.


Big Bang and Gummy attend Psy’s year-end dinner party

To celebrate the end of 2011, the YG Family members toasted their wineglasses at Psy‘s year-end party.

On December 7th, Psy shared a cozy photo through his me2day and wrote, Big Bang & Gummy at my end of the year party~!!^^. It’s the first time I’ve shown my house!!! hahaha”.

The family photo sees Psy, G-Dragon, T.O.P., Gummy, Taeyang, and Seungri gathering around the dinner table for the camera. In particular, fans were glad to see G-Dragon’s smile after such a long time.

Netizens commented, “YG Family always full with love~”, Invite us too next time!, and “Where’s Daesung TT.


2NE1′s Dara and CL return to Korea for ‘YG Family Concert’ rehearsal

On November 26th, 2NE1‘s CL and Sandara Park shared a fresh selca through the latter’s me2day to commemorate their return to Korea.

Sandara wrote, Arrived in Korea!  Came here to practice for the YG Family Concert!  All the artists are coming to meet today!  The sunbaenims are coming in one by one! doogeun doogeun, kong dak kong dak! [onomatopoeia for heartbeat].  Today’s fashion is about utilizing a face mask.  Sandara and CL’s 2-set selca!  How is it?

The photo also contained a caption that read, The [main] point of this photo! Chae Rin‘s [CL’s real name] cute eyes that can only be seen in the dorms.”

Fans were delighted to see the return of the infamous face masks from 2NE1′s “Ugly” MV, especially since they allowed CL to keep her edgy style even though she dressed down and didn’t wear any makeup.


AA thanks fans for supporting them at ‘Music Bank’

On November 19th, rookie groupAA thanked fans by sharing a new photo through their me2day.

They wrote, Thank you so much for today as well.  Despite the extremely cold weather, our loving fans came to support us.  We love you guys so much.  Please be careful of getting a cold.”

Members Woosang and Aoora were referring to the their latest stage on ’Music Bank‘, where they performed their debut song, “So Crazy“.

Netizens commented, Woosang looks like a statue“, “Those eyes….“, and It’s nice to see the friendship between you guys.”


AA’s Kimchi and Aoora holding hands?

AA members Kimchi and Aoora caused fans to melt over a new photo they shared through AA’s official me2day page.

On November 17th, the boys wrote, Each step together! Hand in hand. We just completed an interview and are off to our next location. What is everyone else up to right now?”

Fans gushed over the photo, especially since Aoora is the group’s oldest member and Kimchi is the youngest. Their color-coordinated outfits only added to the cuteness factor.

Netizens commented, Hyung takes good care of his dongseng“, “This is so cute, I can’t take it!”, and You guys are working hard ^^ Fighting!


Seungri thanks fans via Me2Day from Belfast (111107)

Update: 사랑하는FAN 여러분.. 빅뱅이 북아일랜드 벨파스트에서 열리고있는 MTV EMA 월드와이드액트 상을 수상했습니다 … 너무기쁜마음에 현장에서 글올립니다 사랑하고감사합니다

Translation: Our dearest fans.. BIGBANG has been awarded the Worldwide Act Award at the MTV EMA which is being held in Belfast, Northern Ireland… I’m so happy that I’m updating from the venue. I love you all and thank you.


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2NE1′s Sandara Park supports Jung Il Woo’s new drama

2NE1‘s Sandara Park revealed her friendship with actor Jung Il Woo.

On October 30th, she posted on her me2day, “Jung Il Woo is my flower boy friend as I introduce Jung Il Woo! We’ve become crazy! He seems to be preparing a ramyun store! I want to eat yum yum yum ramyun! Everyone, have a good day!

With her comment Dara uploaded the poster for Jung Il Woo’s character in tvN‘s drama, ‘Flower Boy Ramyun Shop‘. Dara posted the photo before its October 31st premier to help promote it.

Netizens replied with, Hope your friendship continues and I’m envious that you’re Jung Il Woo’s friend.


Source: TV Daily via Nate

2NE1′s Sandara Park shares CL’s explosive dance practice video on me2day

On October 26th, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park uploaded an interesting video via her me2day. The video depicted leader CL showing off her sexy fierce swag while rehearsing a dance routine.


Psy poses with 2NE1 after ‘I-FESTA’ concert

On October 23rd, labelmates Psy and 2NE1 showed off their friendship through a picture update on Me2day.

Psy wrote on his Me2day, “With 2NE1. The kids that are the best.”

The five performed at the ‘I-FESTA‘ on the 22nd at the Olympic Stadium. Although they’re known for being charismatic on stage, they’re looking sweet and innocent here alongside a very proud-looking Psy.

Fans commented, “So jealous! Yesterday was really fun, everyone’s jjang!”, “Looks like an uncle with his nieces”, “YG Family ♥♥♥♥ 2NE1 on each side”, and “Loving the hair styles!”


Source + Photos: Psy’s official me2day

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Sandara shoots 2NE1′s ‘Go Away’ PV with Thunder’s cat, Dadoong

On October 21st, Sandara Park shared a photo that was taken on set of 2NE1′s Japanese MV for “Go Away“.

The fashionista wrote, Introducing Dadoong who has been selected as the ‘NG King’! *Clap! Clap! Clap!* kekeke.  I had to hold him still by force in order to shoot the video. I felt so bad for him that I let him go home without finishing the close-up scene… T_T  I saw the music video and [Dadong] didn’t turn out that pretty, but still, he appeared for 2-3 seconds!  Clap your hands for Dadoong~! ^_^

The photo set shows Dara having trouble keeping Dadoong still, who seems less than pleased about being there at all. Fans were more interested, however, in grabbing a sneak peek at 2NE1′s Japanese MV for “Go Away”. It certainly looks like they’re rocking a more colorful setting, and Dara is seen rocking yet another eclectic hairstyle.

Netizens commented, Dadoong is working hard~“, “I don’t like cats, but Dadoong looks cute keke, and Ah! I want to see your music video asap!


Source + Photos: Sandara’s me2day

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Dara shows off Jeremy Scott’s new shoes for 2NE1

Fans are already well aware of the friendship between designer Jeremy Scott and the members of 2NE1. Their friendship was demonstrated once again through a special pair of shoes that he produced for 2NE1.

On October 16th, Dara updated her Me2day with a new picture along with the message, “Bbabam~~~!!! Finally it’s revealed!!! Jeremy Scott personally designed it for 2NE1~! A warm, just released, brand new wing sneakers! T.T I’m so touched..!! I think it matches us so well! +.+ I love it~! We already got some pairs for ourselves! ^0^ Going to our schedule wearing this today! Thank you, Remy oppa!^.^”

The colorful look seems right up 2NE1′s style alley, considering the unique pieces the girls are used to wearing.

Fans commented, “So much swag, I want one too!”, “Wow, it’s new! So pretty”, “It’s so shiny, it matches you well!”, and “I love it, but I don’t know if I’d have the guts to wear it out.”



Source + Photos: Dara’s Official Me2day

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Sandara Park has ‘strong will’ to promote 2NE1 in Japan

2NE1′s Sandara Park announced strong wills to promote 2NE1 in Japan.

Sandara Park updated a post on her Me2day on the 3rd at 4:30 pm, “a short break after the tour concert in Japan. I went out to Harajuku street and had great food as well. I’m walking on Shinjuku street right now.”

She continued, “I can’t really go outside in Korea but it’s quite comfortable to walk around here in Japan even if there are some people recognizing me. I guess I should promote 2NE1 more in Japan!”

In the photo that she showed with her post, she is posing with a street of Japan in the background. She’s wearing comfortably with apple-like hair and sunglasses, still attractive enough.


Sandara Park: “I cried my eyes out, so now I’m a puffy mess”

2NE1‘s Sandara Park revealed that she bawled her eyes out over the conclusion of some projects.

On October 2nd, Sandara posted via me2day, “[Our] ‘Nolza’ Japan tour is over. I was wondering when we would finish all 6 concerts, but we’re already done. It was really a great experience and it will become a memory in my heart. A big thank you to everyone — this isn’t the end, but only the beginning for 2NE1, so you’ll come play with us again, right? 2NE1 Nolza!”.

She continued, I was sad that the concerts are over, but “2NE1 TV” is ending now too? This was really the last episode, and I cried my eyes out with disappointment, runny nose and everything, so now I’m a puffy mess. Puffy Dara! There was so much more to do. I hate saying farewell.”

In her attached photos, Sandara pretends to ‘cry’ by dragging tear marks down her face. In the other shot, she’s seen making a heart with her hands, as she gives off a bright smile.


Sandara Park wakes up her cat for a picture

On September 30th, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park posted a picture of herself with Thunder‘s cat, Dadoong.

Sandara, who previously wrote that she was a little nervous around cats, seems to have warmed up to her brother’s pet. She wrote on her me2day, “I’m an immature nuna who wakes up Dadoong, who keeps sleeping, just to take a memorial photo! kekekeke Because of me, Dadoong took the picture with sleepy eyes!!!@.@ Dadoong is so sleepy~! kekeke I told him that he needs to practice his pose if he wants to do a photoshoot later, but Dadoong just gave a glare..ke Just like Dadoong~! He’s like me, so he uses his glare! Kyah~!”

In the picture, Sandara Park holds up her less-than-pleased cat and smiles cheekily for the camera. She wrote “Meow” and “With Dadoong, who is still half-sleep~ Click!^___^” as her captions.

Netizens replied, “Kyahh~ Unnie~! seems like you’re getting closer with Dadoong ! ^o^”, “Really..seriously..Our Dara, whom we love.. Stay healthy in Japan.. Return safely. Have a joyous time there…^^*”, and “You two are getting along really well! picture perfect! Dadoog looks like he’s posing for the picture too :)”


Source + Photo: Sandara Park’s me2day

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ZE:A’s Hee Chul stuns fan girls with his side profile

On September 29th, ZE:A posted a stunning picture of member Hee Chul on their me2day page and wrote, Featuring ZE:A’s member with the best facial structure!  It’s none other than Hee Chul!  Showing off his side profile.”

Upon uploading the photo, hundreds of fans flocked to comment beneath the post.  They were hooked by the idol’s pretty boy looks as the idol effortlessly took a selca with his eyes closed.  The shot looks like it has been ripped straight from a magazine cover due to it’s high quality.

Netizens expressed their amazement as they left, Your side profile is so beautiful T_T,” “Very handsome! and, Wow! your face is perfect like a statue!


Source + Photos: Star Empire’s me2day

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Sandara Park reveals 2NE1′s next Japanese single

2NE1‘s Sandara Park updated fans while enjoying her last day in Korea before returning to Japan for their NOLZA Japanese tour.


2NE1′s Dara poses prettily in a hanbok

2NE1‘s Dara dolled up in a beautiful pink hanbok for what looks to be a new photoshoot.

On September 28th, she updated her Me2day by writing, “Is everyone having a good day?  I’m spending some quality time with my family for the first time in a while.  The picture I’ve attached is from a photoshoot yesterday where I wore a hanbok.  Although I tried to give a femme fatale ‘Ssan Jin Yi [Hwang Jin Yi ,a famous Gisaeng]‘ feel, I came out looking a bit awkward.  Still, throwing this picture out there to spread awareness of our beautiful hanbok.”

Netizens commented, You look great in hanbok”, “So beautiful”, and “You’re very pretty in hanbok.”

2NE1 is currently preparing for their ‘NOLZA in Japan‘ tour on October 1st and 2nd.



Source + Photos: Sports Chosun via Naver

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G-Dragon and Seungri Me2Day Updates (110928)

Update: 승리야 이게더 맛있어 -써니텐 모델-

Translation: Seungri-ya, these taste better -Sunny 10 model-

Update: 목마른사람 손~~^_^ !!!!! 지용이형이 추천한 써니텐~ 굿뜨굿뜨

Translation: Raise your hand if you’re thirsty~~^_^ !!!!! The Sunny 10 that Jiyong hyung recommended~ Good good

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Sources: http://me2day.net/g-dragon , http://me2day.net/viofbb
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