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T-ara’s Eunjung has no idea Hyomin has a ‘Roly Poly’ kiss scene with husband Lee Jang Woo

Girl group T-ara member Hyomin admitted to having a kiss scene with actor Lee Jang Woo in the ‘Roly Poly‘ musical.

During the ‘Roly Poly’ press conference that was held at the Seoul Press Center on January 4th, Hyomin remarked, In the script, there is a scene where Lee Jang Woo and I confirm our mutual feelings for one another and share a kiss. He is currently married to fellow member Eunjung on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, but she doesn’t know about the kiss yet,” which caused everyone in attendance to explode in laughs.

It’s a bit uncomfortable knowing that he is my ‘brother-in-law’,” she continued. I don’t know if I should have received permission from Eunjung unni.”

When asked what the most difficult part of rehearsing was, she remarked, The hardest thing was that we had T-ara promotions at the same time, so there was never enough time for practice. We would rehearse in our dressing room and in our van… It was easier because members Jiyeon and Soyeon are in it with me. We were able to practice our lines together and talk about the musical. It was fun“.


INFINITE’s Sungkyu & Woohyun to debut in a musical with Seo In Guk

Members Sungkyu and Woohyun of idol group INFINITE along with Mnet Super Star K winner Seo In Guk will be making their respective debut as musical stars.

The boys will be playing roles in the new musical, ’Kwangha Gate Sonata‘ that will be playing at the LG Arts Center in Seoul on February 7th to March 11th.

‘Gwangha Gate Sonata’ is a juke box musical that features hit songs by the late composer, Lee Young Hoon, including “Past Love” and “When Love Passes You By“. The musical first aired at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts last year.

Sungkyu and Woohyun will be playing the role of the female lead Yeoju’s son, Jiyong (Note: Both members will play the same character for different shows). Jiyong comes to visit Sanghoon in the present and drags him back into the memories, and he is a character that was first played by B2ST‘s Yeoseob when the musical first opened.


Lee Jang Woo cast in T-ara’s upcoming musical ‘Roly Poly’

Actor Lee Jang Woo further proved that he is a loyal husband to MBCWe Got Married‘ wife, T-ara‘s Eunjung.

In order to display his loyalty to his wife Eunjung and his T-ara ‘in laws’, Lee Jang Woo has agreed to play a role in their upcoming musical, ‘Roly Poly‘.

The musical will tell the stories of seven older women who grew up in the 80′s including their past experiences with love and friendship. Singer Jang Hye Jin and actress Park Hyemi have also been cast for the musical, as well as Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung and T-ara’s very own Jiyeon, Soyeon, and Hyomin.

Actor Lee Jang Woo who is currently playing the role of the ‘bad guy’ in KBS 2TV‘s ‘Man of Honor‘ will be making a complete transformation into a romantic gentleman for ‘Roly Poly’.


Davichi and T-ara’s Jiyeon, Hyomin & Soyeon to star in ‘Roly Poly’ musical

T-ara members Jiyeon, Hyomin & Soyeon will be starring in the ‘Our Youth Roly Poly‘ musical along with Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung.

Even before production of the musical, producers knew they wanted to perform the musical on stages all across Asia. International fans’ expectations for ‘Our Youth Roly Poly’ are higher than ever as it is being put on by Hallyu stars T-ara and Davichi’s Kang Minkyung who has previously showcased her acting skills in a drama series.

The musical will tell the stories of seven older women, and their past experiences with love and friendship. T-ara and Kang Minkyung will be playing the roles of the women in their youth, but the characters who will play the roles of the older women have yet to be revealed. The staff remarked, We assure you that the cast to play the middle-aged women will be just as glamourous as the girls who will play the younger roles“.

In the musical, the cute and sassy schoolgirls grow up and turn into women of society. They become mothers, wives, and professional career women. We hope everyone will look forward to the cast members that will be fulfilling the latter roles, they continued.


What’s Up Premiere Date on MBN

MBN hasn’t released its final program schedule yet but it looks like we finally have the premiere date of Daesung‘s musical drama, What’s Up. On Naver, when you search for a drama, the duration or the date the series will air or aired is usually shown. As you can see below, the date for What’s Up (왓츠업) is December 3, 2011:


Daesung’s “What’s Up” to air on MBN

Song Jina‘s drama, What’s Up, featuring Big Bang Daesung has been picked up by new cable channel, MBN.


Stars come to support Brian Joo in “RENT”

On September 27th, Brian Joo uploaded backstage pictures from his musical “Rent“.

He tweeted “My lil’sisters, Amber ‘f(x)’ & @missA_min~ Thanx guys for coming to see RENT & always being supportive^^ Luv y’all”.

miss A‘s Min also tweeted, “I went to see the musical RENT. I believed in the rainbow and was moved. Everyone hurry up and go see it!”]


Prince Kyu Jong Treats Children to a Musical

Kim Kyu Jong who plays Prince Lee Shin in the musical Goong, recently got an opportunity to play a prince in the real world!

KyuJong is a well known ambassador and active promoter at the Heart 2 Heart foundation. He recently played host to a group of undernourished children at the rehearsals for his musical. After showing the children around and spending some quality time with them, he also posed for photographs with the children and signed autographs for the entire lot. This gesture was no lesser than that of a prince’s to these children, as it brought a glow of happiness on their young faces.


Heo Youngsaeng and Oh Wonbin to debut in the musical “The Three Musketeers”

Heo Youngsaeng is confirmed to make his debut on the musical stage under the production “The Three Musketeers.” Youngsaeng will be making his official musical debut by playing the role of D’Artagnan, a young and vigorous character who has the passion for justice.

Earlier today, B2M Entertainment has confirmed the appearance by updating Youngsaeng’s official homepage with the news. On the said message, they revealed that, “Hello everyone. This is B2M Entertainment. Heo Young Saeng’s 2011 is going to be more fulfilling!”

Further adding that, “What excites people is that the actors will be playing the roles in the musical “The Three Musketeers” again. Please give a lot of love, concern and support to Heo Young Saeng who will soon be debuting as a musical actor.”

The musical will be held at the Seongnam Art Center this year as they plan to construct the stage with a lot of their characters to portray their infamous sword play scenes. It set to run from the 3rd of November up to the 18th of December.