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EXO releases group photos of KAI, LU HAN, TAO & CHEN

Riding on the high levels of anticipation for EXO‘s debut, SM Entertainment has just released a set of photos featuring the four revealed members of the group!


TEEN TOP releases photo jacket teaser from upcoming mini-album

The boys of TEEN TOP have unveiled a teaser photo from their mini-album jacket for their upcoming second mini album. The teaser photo was posted on TEEN TOP’s official website.

Not only are fans ecstatic for their comeback, they should be more than delighted to see that the members are going with a darker, ‘bad boy’ concept this time around.

Stay tuned to allkpop for their video teaser which drops December 29th! Additionally, their second mini album will be released on January 5, 2012


Source & Image: TEEN TOP official website

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SM releases profile photos of EXO’s first member, KAI

After releasing EXO‘s very first member teaser earlier today, SM Entertainment has followed up by sharing KAI,’s handsome profile shots.


Bang & Zelo reveal a new concept picture

After debuting with their first track, “Never Give Up” the powerful duo of Bang & Zelo are already drawing a strong response from fans both foreign and domestic, and the boys recently released a new picture showcasing their concept and charms.

In the image, the boys are posing on a leather couch, striking charismatic poses that bring out their handsome, boyish features.

Meanwhile, the music video for “Never Give Up” has drawn over 200,000 views. “Although it is a unit project prior to their official debut, we are receiving love calls from both domestic and abroad after just one performance,” commented a representative for TS Entertainment.



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Bang & Zelo reveals official concept photo for “Never Give Up”

New photos of Bang & Zelo, a new sub-unit group that’s currently promoting “Never Give Up“, have recently been revealed, causing quite the buzz among netizens online.

Bang & Zelo recently made their debut performance of “Never Give Up” on SBS Inkigayo December 4th. In response to their fans’ explosive response, additional photos of them have been revealed online.

In the new concept photo, Zelo’s blonde, curly hairstyle shows off the fifteen year old’s youthful aura, driving nuna fans crazy with his aegyo as he lays on with his head on Bang Yong Guk, biting his thumb. Meanwhile, Bang Yong Guk poses with his hand resting on Zelo’s head like an older brother would to a younger sibling. Fans were happy to see that the duo displayed a strong leader-maknae relationship.

Fans who saw the photo gave Zelo the new nickname MashiZelo, expressing their love for his adorable appeal and praising his skin that’s as milky smooth as a sweet marshmellow, hence the name, MashiZelo.


Teaser image for MBLAQ’s Christmas digital single “White Forever” revealed

Back on November 24th, reported that MBLAQ would be releasing a Christmas digital single for the first time, and more information has been confirmed.

The above teaser image featuring the boys of MBLAQ, as well as their signatures, was revealed through MBLAQ’s official Daum fan cafe on December 1st. J.Tune Camp also left a message for all A+ regarding the soon-to-be released Christmas carol.

The message asked for the support of their fans and revealed that the single will be released through online music portals on Friday December 9th at midnight KST.


Source + Image: MBLAQ’s Fan Cafe + absolutemblaq
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Pledis Boys reveals more pictures ahead of their debut

As the clock ticks down towards the unveiling of Pledis Boys, the rookie group has finally revealed their faces ahead of their official debut next year.

The pictures were released as a way to express their thanks towards their first fan cafe, which had just opened online. “They’re pictures taken at their music video shooting,” said Pledis Entertainment. “The boys released the pictures as a way to show their gratitude towards their first fan cafe prior to their debut.”

The never-before-seen pictures showcase the various members of the upcoming boy group as they take a break between the rigorous shooting of their music video.

The ‘Pledis Boys’ will participate in this year’s holiday album, “Happy Pledis“, before a full-fledged debut early next year.


Bang & Zelo reveals a picture of new member Zelo

A few days ago, we revealed that power rookie Bang Yong Guk will be debuting in a unit group comprised of himself and fellow labelmate Zelo in a group simply titled, Bang & Zelo.

15-year-old Zelo’s looks have been hidden behind a curtain thus far, but his face has been finally revealed. In the released picture, his large eyes and cute expression come into focus while displaying a fashionably chic ensemble.

Bang & Zelo will make their debut on December 2nd with their first title track, “Never Give Up“.


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HyunA & Hyunseung’s ‘Trouble Maker’ unit releases teaser photo

Cube Entertainment has kicked off its countdown for Trouble Maker‘s debut by releasing an image teaser today.

Trouble Maker is a special performance unit comprised of 4minute‘s HyunA and B2ST‘s Jang Hyunseung (a.k.a. JS). When it was revealed that these two idols would make up the unit, many in the music industry took notice and mused, “This is a unit that nobody could have imagined.”

In their teaser photo, HyunA and JS took sequenced shots arranged in such a way that it resembled an intricate dance. JS gave his trademark ‘cool-guy’ glare, which HyunA matched with a strong expression of her own. There’s no set concept yet, except to showcase bold confidence.

Trouble Maker will release their debut EP on December 1st, but stay tuned for more teasers from the duo.


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YG unveils Kim Eun Bi’s official profile picture


After signing Superstar K2‘s Kim Eun Bi into their agency back in January, YG Entertainment has finally released an official profile picture of their upcoming star.

On November 21st, YG updated their ‘YG-life‘ blog with a new photo of Kim Eun Bi (18). The sweetheart from the popular audition program has transformed into a confident young woman with a loud sense of style.

Netizens immediately pointed out that the transformation seems a bit too dramatic, however, prompting rumors of plastic surgery to rise. In response, representatives of YG stated, During that time, Kim Eun Bi practiced every day and lost 8 kg compared to her ‘Superstar K2′ days.

YG also released a statement earlier today about how their new 5~7 member girl group (which Kim Eunbi is a part of) will not receive any plastic surgery treatments, as they want to introduce a girl group that emphasizes natural beauty.


Pledis reveals jacket photo for ’2011 HAPPY PLEDIS’ album

Pledis Entertainment has revealed the jacket photo for their upcoming family album, ‘2011 HAPPY PLEDIS’!

As reported previously, the album is a collaboration project between artists from the agency, including Son Dambi and After School.

Although none of the songs have been released, the album is already gaining much buzz due to the participation of Pledis’ new 7-member boy group, the Pledis Boys.

‘HAPPY PLEDIS’ is an album that the agency hopes will warm the hearts of fans during the cold winter. A part of the sales’ profits will be donated to UNICEF.


T.O.P, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye and more for Cartier “Love” Exhibition (111116) [PHOTO]

Cartier to hold “Love” exhibit featuring T.O.P, Lee Min Ho, Yoon Eun Hye and more


Credits: DCTOP

Source : bigbangupdates

First official photo of ‘Full House 2′ revealed!

A photo still of actor No Min Woo and actress Hwang Jung Eum posing as their ‘Full House 2‘characters is gaining interest.

On November 15th, an online community posted the topic, ‘Drama ‘Full House 2′ Three Main Characters‘, with the photo.

No Min Woo, Hwang Jung Eum, and Park Ki Woong are sitting on the bench with various poses. While the two men pose in a laidback manner, Hwang Jung Eum’s bright red sweater and curly hairstyle is drawing much laughter from netizens, who are her to the horror movie character, Chucky, in ‘Child’s Play‘.

Netizens replied with, Is this Full House 2? Isn’t this ‘Child’s Play’?and, Why is she wearing that kind of sweater…


2AM’s Jinwoon reveals his new look for upcoming single

2AM‘s Jinwoon unveiled a teaser image for his upcoming second single.

While Jinwoon is known for his aegyo and friendly charm, he took on a colder image for his next project. His makeup stylist applied strong amounts of bronzer to emphasize his cheekbones, and applied grey eyeshadow under his eyes to give him an enigmatic look.

Some netizens have labelled this latest look as a ‘vampire concept’, due to Jinwoon’s pale skin and intense gaze.

Jinwoon will release his new single on November 17th.


Source: OSEN via Nate

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Big Bang Lotte Duty Free November 2011 Wallpapers

Download: 800×600 | 1024×768 | 1280×1024


T-ara releases music video poster for “Cry Cry”

T-ara has finally unveiled the official poster for their upcoming music video, “Cry Cry“!

The poster features the ladies of T-ara and actor Cha Seung Won, who was cast as the leading role for the movie-music video. Scenes seen in the poster were recently shot in Busan by director Cha Eun Taek, and they give an idea of a blockbuster film.

The 30-minute long music drama also features a second part for “Lovey Dovey“, which is said to be 180 degrees different in production style. “Lovey Dovey” will be released a week after “Cry Cry”, which is scheduled for release on November 9th.

T-ara will be holding their comeback stage on the same day.


Source + Photos: Everyday Economy via Naver

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Infinite reveals tracklist for upcoming Japanese debut single “BTD”

The news of Infinite’s Japanese debut was already released a while ago, but following the official cover pictures from last week, the tracklists for the single’s three different versions have been revealed as well.

“BTD” will be released in three different versions including a regular edition, and two different limited editions. While the regular edition includes the Japanese version of “BTD (Before the Dawn)”, it also has the b-side “Can You Smile [Remake]”, which was originally released on their first Korean single “Inspirit”. As extras, the original and instrumental versions of “BTD (Before the Dawn)” have also been included. The regular edition also comes with a trading card.

Limited Edition A has the full regular edition tracklist, as well as a 40-page booklet and one limited trading card out of 7 possibilities. Limited Edition B comes with the same tracklist and trading card but also includes an extra DVD with “JAPAN 1st SHOWCASE LIVE+OFFSHOTS” footage from “BTD” and “She’s Back”, as well as the original and dance version music videos. Apart from that, Limited Edition B also includes behind-the-scenes footage of Woohyun and L fighting, as well as the dance.

Infinite’s “BTD” will be released on November 19th.


New Cover for G-Dragon’s “Heartbreaker” Album


Introducing! Baby Taeyang!

Big Bang’s Taeyang reveals a photo of himself as a baby.

Taeyang tweeted on the 11th, “OK! The thing that I found today is (Look! What I found today)” and attached the photo above. The cute baby in the photo is of course the one and only Taeyang.

The charismatic and sexy Taeyang was once a baby just like you and everyone else, granted a really cute little baby. His reddish cheek makes him look even cuter and his eyes are so clear you could probably see yourself in it.

After seeing Taeyang’s baby photo the fans commented, “Really cute”, “He doesn’t look anything like today”, “Cute from birth”, “His reddish cheek is so adorable”, “I could see his face in that photo”, and many others expressed to have enjoyed the photo.


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Daesung’s most recent photos at a restaurant (111009) [PHOTOS]


2PM Junsu’s Solo Single Release Schedule + Teaser Photo For Album

2PM JunSu (Jun.K) will release his solo digital single album this November. Here are photo teasers for the meantime.


Big Bang Lotte Duty Free October 2011 Calendar (110930) [PHOTOS/DOWNLOAD]



G-Dragon’s New Tattoo (Left Shoulder) [PHOTO]

Note: The image is of a dragon ball. As in a dragon ball from the famous/popular Japanese anime/manga series “Dragon Ball” and “Dragon Ball Z”. G-Dragon raps about it in the introduction of the GD&TOP album.

Source: Studio Zila (by Zini) via ㅁㅁ@DCGD and @mystifize

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Boyfriend reveals cover for “Don’t Touch My Girl”

Idol group Boyfriend has just revealed the album cover for their second single, ‘Don’t Touch My Girl‘  through their official Facebook and Twitter.

The boys showcase a more masculine charisma for this single, as seen by their strong gazes and short hairstyles. The red designs on the cover heighten the sense of aggression felt by their title alone.

In addition to their song ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’, the boys will also release ‘Warning‘. Boyfriend will drop their second single on October 6th.


Source: TV Daily via Nate

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