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F.CUZ reveals first of 2 new members – Rae Hyun

Back in December, CAN Entertainment announced that they would be adding two new members to F.CUZ.


Se7en Gets Asked, “YG or JYP?” and His Answer Is…

Singer Se7en was a guest on “Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio” and gave many laughs through his witty remarks.

Se7en, who recently made his comeback, was a guest on “Super Junior’s Kiss The Radio” on February 10. He was asked the question, “Do you like YG or do you like JYP?”

The DJ’s Sungmin and Ryeowook asked Se7en, “When your contract with YG ends, are you going to go to JYP? Which company do you like better?” At that question, Se7en humorously answered, “SM,” sending much laughs among the studio.

Se7en’s new track, “When I Can’t Sing,” was written by JYP, who doesn’t really give songs to singers in other agencies. Se7en, who is part of YG, may have felt uncomfortable with the question that the DJ’s asked but he replied in a witty and comical way.

Tablo reveals that he became more quiet after his hiatus

Rapper Tablo has opened up about the change in his mentality during his time away from the industry.

On November 25th, Tablo made his first radio appearance since his comeback through MBC FM4U‘s ‘Bae Chul Soo’s Music Camp‘, and updated listeners about his life.

During his forced hiatus, Tablo revealed that he couldn’t leave the house. “At first, I had many thoughts that I shouldn’t have. Bad thoughts, thoughts that did not help anyone,” he said.

He continued, “However, by listening to my album, you can hear that the tone of the songs change. They are a little more on the positive side. While reflecting, I realized that I had so many people and things around me to be thankful for; this made me start thinking more positively.”


FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki promises to reveal his six pack at a concert next year

FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki promises to reveal his six pack.

Recently, the band returned with the song “Like The Birds” and appeared in SBS’s radio program Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time on the 21st.

DJ Choi asked them, “Who has the best body or is addicted to exercise the most?” Unanimously, all members pointed out Jong Hoon, the leader of FT Island. Jong Hoon said, “People tend to think that only ‘idols’ have good figures, but I want to tell them band people are well-built, too. So these days I’m working out with Hong Ki.”

Then Lee Hong Ki added, promising to his fans, “I’ll work out hard, so I can perform without a shirt at a concert next year showing off my six pack.”


Infinite’s Sunggyu, Sungyeol and Sungjong chosen as special DJ’s for Sukira

It’s been recently revealed through KBS’s official website that Infinite’s “Sung brothers”; Sungyeol, Sunggyu and Sungjong, have been chosen to temporarily host the radio show Sukira.

Sukira is normally hosted by Super Junior members Leeteuk and Eunhyuk, but with SMTOWN in New York, and multiple other schedules later next week, temporary replacements have been chosen.

The three of them will be in charge of the show starting October 24th till October 30th.


Source: KBS

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun replaces the empty seat of Heechul as an emcee of Radio Show

Kyuhyun, one of the members of Super Junior, was selected to fill the empty seat Heechul has taken as an emcee of Radio Show before joining the army this month. At the first shooting held on September 21, he underwent a harsh hazing.

According to the production team of the show, besides Kyuhyun, various celebrities will plan to be invited to infuse life into the show.

Meanwhile, Super Junior will continue to carry out activities with “A-CHA,” the second title song from its album.



Source: TVreport

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Big Bang plays on the radio in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico keeps making headlines in the KPOP world, this time it has to do with their biggest achievement yet regarding the spread of KPOP music in Latin America.
On September 1st, 2011, Kpop music made its debut on the radio airwaves of the island.
Many fans had taken the task of requesting their favorite KPOP songs to different radio stations, however, their efforts were of no avail, as they kept being turned down by the radio stations.
Both Puerto Rico Also Loves Kpop and Kimchi Criollo —their KPOP and Korean Culture fanbases— came together to request Big Bang’s “Tonight” to HOT 102.5 FM, a radio station that focuses on playing major hits around the world and plays the audience’s requested songs, after almost a week of talking to the radio station, Big Bang’s Tonight began playing on September 1st throughout the day.

110814 Mir mentions Zico/Jaehyo di ‘Starry Night’

Mir: Ah, jadi setelah on air, aku menerima mention dari Zico-ssi di Twitter. Aku menjawab dan semuanya dan itu sangat hebat sampai seseorang mengatakan kepadaku bahwa Jaehyo-ssi benar-benar telah memberi aku satu juga.

Younha: Ya, semua orang sudah menyebarkan di sekitar.

Mir: Tapi dengan kita, kita menerima setidaknya beberapa ratus menyebutkan pada suatu waktu sehingga kita tidak tahu sampai Anda memberitahu kami.

Mir: Bahkan dengan Zico-ssi, penggemar Block B mengatakan kepadaku bahwa dia mengirim mention dan itulah bagaimana aku tahu. Tapi tidak ada yang menceritakan tentang Jaehyo sehingga aku tidak pernah melihatnya. Aku benar-benar menyesal tentang itu.

Younha: Saya mendengar bahwa Jaehyo-ssi benar-benar tweeted dan dihapus lagi.

Mir: Anda membuat saya merasa lebih menyesal!

Younha: Bagaimana jika kau mengatakan sesuatu kepadanya di sini.

Mir: Jaehyo, aku benar-benar menyesal. Aku akan memastikan aku follow Anda dan tweet mention segera setelah aku pulang. Silakan balas aku.


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Mir menyebutkan Zico (dan Jaehyo) pada Starry Night Radio

Apa yang disampaikan Mir tentang Zico dan Jaehyo????….

Younha: Sebelum kita masuk untuk jeda iklan, kita akan mendengarkan lagu yang diminta Mir.
Mir: Ya, aku ingin mendengarkan grup idola yang telah mulai menanjak baru-baru ini, Block B. lagu baru mereka Tell Them.
Younha: Ya Tell Them lagu baru Block B. Apakah kamu memiliki hubungan dengan mereka?
Mir: Tidak ada sama sekali, tapi aku benar-benar menyukai Zico. Dia benar-benar bagus saat nge-rap. Meskipun dia setahun lebih muda dariku, melihat dia melakukannya dengan baik, ada hal yang ingin aku pelajari dari dia dan aku ingin lebih dekat dengannya.
[Istirahat Komersial]
Younha: Ya, kita kembali dari mendengarkan Tell Them. Mir, aku mendengar bahwa kamu tahu Jaehyo.
Mir: Iya. Aku benar-benar lupa. Aku merasa menyesal.
Younha: Bagaimana kamu bisa melupakan seseorang seperti itu.
Mir: Ia menjadi peserta pelatihan untuk perusahaan kami dan kami berbicara dan bermain-main, tetapi aku lupa tentang itu aku merasa menyesal. Aku benar-benar menyesal. Kami benar-benar dekat. Maafkan aku.
Younha: Sampaikan kata-kata untuk Jaehyo disini.
Mir: Hi Jaehyo hyung, ini Chulyong. Maaf aku lupa, tapi aku tidak lupa tentangmu. Ketika aku melihamu di studio siaran, mari saling menyapa dengan bersahabat.


Source : bontheblock.tumblr.com

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