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Secret’s Hyosung and Zelo on B.A.P. music video set

Secret‘s leader Hyosung recently snapped a friendly photo with B.A.P‘s maknae, Zelo, on the set of B.A.P.’s music video.


Secret and B.A.P Beach Picture in Singapore

TS Entertainment revealed a picture of Secret and B.A.P together on March 26 through Facebook and Twitter. The two groups are on a sunny beach with big smiles. Everyone is wearing clothes that fit in perfectly with the beach. The picture was taken at the Sentosa island resort in Singapore. (The island resort is renowned for Universal Studios, and Wave House)


Big Bang backstage with B1A4

On the March 23 broadcast of B1A4’s Sesame Seed Player in Mnet’s Wide Entertainment News, the members of B1A4 tried their hand at becoming literal ‘sweet guys’.


B2ST’s Junhyung sends his greetings from Indonesia

Despite being in the midst of B2ST‘s busy world activities these days, member Junhyung stopped to share a message and a sel-ca with his fans!


B.A.P’s Himchan rings in the new school year

In Korea, it is now the season in which the new school year begins, and it seems that B.A.P‘s Himchan is determined to send off his fans on a great school year.


NU’EST’s Len Has a Smaller Face than After School’s Lizzy

A playful photo of After School’s Lizzy and NU’EST’s Len has been posted. On February 13, Lizzy posted on her Twitter, “This is NU’EST’s Len, who is part of the Busan family. How can you be prettier than me? And it looks like Len received a manicure. Cutie, fighting,” along with a photo.

SHINee’s Key snaps a picture with Woohyun after attending INFINITE’s concert

Earlier, we reported that INFINITE held their very first solo concert, ‘Second Invasion‘, at the Seoul Olympic Park stadium on February 11th. It’s just been revealed that SHINee‘s Key was there at the event to show some support for his close friend, Woohyun.


B.A.P’s Zelo shares a selca of the boys heading to Malaysia

On January 12th, B.A.P‘s youngest member Zelo shared his first selca to celebrate his upcoming showcase in Malaysia with Bang Yong Guk.

ZELO wrote, “Going to Malaysia~ Go Go! I’m so nervous. We’ll come back safely. See you soon in KL!”

A representative from TS Entertainment added, “It’s Bang Yong Guk and ZELO’s first time working overseas, so they are really, really nervous.”

Fans from all over the world have been leaving messages on Zelo’s Twitter, pleading for the boys to come perform at their respective countries as well.


MBLAQ’s Mir takes a photo with INFINITE’s Woohyun for the first time

MBLAQ‘s maknae Mir revealed to his fans that he hangs out with INFINITE‘s Woohyun through a special photo.

On December 17th, Mir updated his Twitter with a selca and a caption that read, This is the first time, I’m taking a photo with Woo Hyun…

With both idols born in 1991 and in related fields, it seems like they managed to forge a friendly relationship.

Fangirls ogled over the photo as they commented, Wah, so cute!“, “You two are so adorable, especially Mir’s friend“, and Please take a photo with Shinee Taemin next *O*


Source + Photos: MBLAQ Mir’s Twitter

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F.T. Island’s Hongki shares some selcas taken with his little sister

On November 29th, F.T. Island‘s Lee Hongki re-tweeted his sister’s message which read, A date with oppa, and provided links to their two selca shots.


Super Junior’s Hangeng shows off his derriere in new selcas

Super Junior‘s Hangeng recently updated his Weibo (a Chinese social networking service equivalent to Twitter and Facebook) with two hilarious photos that left fans giggling.

On November 29th, one of Hangeng’s friends posted a picture with a caption that read, Super big butt! They continued to write a second comment, which read, You like this body?.

In the two photos, Hangeng can be seen posing with a blanket wrapped around his waist while making exaggerated ‘sexy’ expressions. The other photo reveals a closeup of a handprint near his bum.

Netizens responded, It seems you gained a couple pounds,” “Your butt looks huge,” and I’d like to pat you on the butt.


‘M-ST’ (B2ST and MBLAQ) snap a photo together in Vegas

Fans are going wild over B2ST and MBLAQ‘s group photo from Las Vegas.

On November 27th, B2ST’s Doojoon tweeted, “M-ST got together and took a photo!” The two idol groups showed off their close friendship in the photo, and even introduced a nickname for themselves, ‘M-ST’ (MBLAQ + B2ST).

Both B2ST and MBLAQ were considered to be rivals since they debuted at the same time. But this photo only goes to show that the rivalry is more public speculation than anything, and that the two groups are good friends.

Netizens wrote, “It’s nice to see easygoing people together”, “Haha. I like M-ST. When is the first album coming out?”, “All of you oppas are getting more handsome as time goes by.”


Source: Star News

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2NE1′s Dara and CL return to Korea for ‘YG Family Concert’ rehearsal

On November 26th, 2NE1‘s CL and Sandara Park shared a fresh selca through the latter’s me2day to commemorate their return to Korea.

Sandara wrote, Arrived in Korea!  Came here to practice for the YG Family Concert!  All the artists are coming to meet today!  The sunbaenims are coming in one by one! doogeun doogeun, kong dak kong dak! [onomatopoeia for heartbeat].  Today’s fashion is about utilizing a face mask.  Sandara and CL’s 2-set selca!  How is it?

The photo also contained a caption that read, The [main] point of this photo! Chae Rin‘s [CL’s real name] cute eyes that can only be seen in the dorms.”

Fans were delighted to see the return of the infamous face masks from 2NE1′s “Ugly” MV, especially since they allowed CL to keep her edgy style even though she dressed down and didn’t wear any makeup.


Super Junior’s Yesung and Donghae look adorable in pigtails

Defying the belief that pigtails are only for little girls, Super Junior‘s Yesung and Donghae decided to give the look a try.

On November 22nd, Yesung revealed the photo above and tweeted, “at the concert video shooting, with Dong Hae. We are the cutiest brothers in the world!”.

After seeing the picture netizens complimented them on their new look. “Oown , I toootally agree! soo cuute >< perfect . I love you guys”, “luv it.. both of u looks like kindergarden boys haha”, “hahahaha nice ^^ My hair does not look to this beautiful”.


Source + Image: Yesung’s Twitter

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INFINITE’s Dongwoo gifts fans with a video message for his own birthday + He cries at his surprise birthday celebration

INFINITE member Dongwoo celebrated his 22nd birthday yesterday (11/22/11), but unfortunately, he was away in Japan.


B2ST members share a selca from the airport


B2ST member Son Dongwoon recently uploaded a photo via Twitter with the caption, Going to Japan, be back soon. Try not to catch a cold, everyone.

In the photos, Dongwoon along with fellow members Yong Junhyung and Yoon Doojoon pose as chic gentlemen for the camera, each donning a pair of dark shades.

Netizens who saw the photos remarked, Fashionable idols at the airport and Junhyung’s pose is unique“..

In related news, B2ST along with 4minute and G.NA will be performing at the ‘United Cube Concert‘ in London on December 5th.


AA shows off fan gifts + dorm

On November 21st, AA member Aoora posted a photo of the group’s dorm containing a bunch of gifts sent in from fans on his Twitter.

Along with the photo, the idol tweeted, Thank you for all the mentions today as well.  Let’s start a happy week. Aja aja“.

The picture has all members present including Woosang, Kimchi, Aoora, Juwon, and Hoik.  Based on the prominently displayed and well-stacked presents, you can see how well the boys cherish their fan gifts.  The boys teased fans with a cute pajama photo with their hands and feet raised high.

Fans commented, I can see the close friendship“,  ”Those pajamas look so adorable“, and AA fighting!.


Source + Photos: Osen

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AA thanks fans for supporting them at ‘Music Bank’

On November 19th, rookie groupAA thanked fans by sharing a new photo through their me2day.

They wrote, Thank you so much for today as well.  Despite the extremely cold weather, our loving fans came to support us.  We love you guys so much.  Please be careful of getting a cold.”

Members Woosang and Aoora were referring to the their latest stage on ’Music Bank‘, where they performed their debut song, “So Crazy“.

Netizens commented, Woosang looks like a statue“, “Those eyes….“, and It’s nice to see the friendship between you guys.”


MBLAQ’s Mir and Seungho become golden ‘Saiyan brothers’

MBLAQ‘s Seungho and Mir are drawing interesting responses to their latest selca.

On November 14th, Seungho tweeted, Rapper brothers before attaching the photo above.

Both Seungho and Mir are seen dressed in simple shirts and accessories, which highlight their masculine style. But what drew the most interest was their spiky, gold-toned hairstyles, causing many netizens to exclaim that they looked like ‘Saiyans’ from ‘Dragon Ball Z’.

It’s the Saiyan hairstyle!, and You two look like twins! So hot +.+”, netizens laughed.


Super Junior’s Yesung and Donghae look sleek in suits

Super Junior‘s Yesung and Donghaemade fans melt with their latest photo.

On November 11th, Yesung tweeted, Leaving good memories with little buddy. Everyone, good night?

Yesung and Donghae are seen wearing suits, but their personal styles resulted in two very different looks. Donghae dressed down in a modern blazer with a white trim, while Yesung opted for a more traditional cut.

Netizens replied, My heart… and These are men who are impeccable in singing, dancing, and looks.


Lee Hong Ki reveals half of his sister

Rock Band F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki reveals his beautiful sister to the world.

Lee Hong Ki tweeted on the 6th, “This was the day my baby sister bought me chicken after she got her monthly salary. But I wonder if we really had to cover half our cheeks” and he revealed the photo above.

The two siblings can be seen doing a cute pose for the selca. Half the face of the sister is cut out from the frame, so she can’t be seen all that clearly, but even from the unclear photo she looks very pretty.

After seeing Lee Hong Ki’s sister the netizens commented, “You can tell she’s pretty even from that shot”, “Superior DNA family”, “It would be so awesome to have a brother like Hong Ki”, and so on.


Source: TV Report via Nate

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Super Junior’s Yesung looks like a prince in his latest selca

On October 29th, Super Junior‘s Yesung shared a princely selca that showed off his handsome looks.

He tweeted, When I’m bored, I stare off into space in a daze.”

With his eye makeup and high-collared jacket, Yesung looks like he’s modelling for a fashion shoot, rather than staring off into space. Fans are raving over how he looks like a pretty boy that’s jumped straight out of a comic book.

Netizens commented, “Is he filming something? His black jacket matches him so well”, “His beauty… no words”, and “Please continue to share pictures on your whereabouts!”



Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver

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CNBLUE updates fans from the set of their winter photoshoot

On October 27th, CNBLUE updated their official Twitter with a group photo from their endorsement photoshoot!

The boys wrote, How has everyone been doing? We’re filming for a photoshoot for the first time in a while! The weather’s gotten a lot colder lately so it’s easier to catch a cold. Please wear warm jackets and defeat the winter!”

Like their sweet message for their fans states, the boys are dressed warmly in jackets and scarves on set. They’re currently promoting their Japanese debut single, “In My Head“, which might explain why some of the members are looking a bit tired.

Netizens commented, “Everyone looks so warm,” “Looking a bit tired, have you been sleeping?” and “A heartwarming photo!”


Source + Photos: Star News via Naver

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Super Junior’s Yesung displays his charismatic, asymmetric hair style

Early in the morning of September 7, Super Junior’s Yesung tweeted links to photos with the comment: “All of you, have a good night!”

In the photos, Yesung is staring toward the camera with intense eyes of charisma. In particular, his forelock covers one of his eyes, making him look so sexy.

People who saw the photos said: “You look very charismatic.” “I lost myself into your sexy eyes.” “You look cool and handsome.”



Source: Newsen from Nate

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