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Idol groups vote B2ST as the group with the best teamwork

B2ST has been chosen as the group with the “best teamwork” by other idol groups.


Cube Entertainment artists celebrate the opening of ‘Cube Studio’

Cube Entertainment has announced that they have opened the doors to a new personal studio for their artists to mark the start of a brand new adventure together!

On April 10th, CEO Hong Seung Sung and his artists, 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, and BtoB all gathered to celebrate the opening of ‘Cube Studio’. Leaders from each respective group stood alongside their CEO to cut the tape for the grand opening. Although Cube Entertainment was established in 2008, this will be their first private studio where they will be using it as a foundation for their global marketing strategies.

Hong Seung Sung stated, “I created this place to instill a sense of bravery in our artists to help the Korean entertainment industry become one of the best. I hope that this studio will be the start of K-Pop transcending Asia and taking place all over the world.”

‘Cube Studio’ will be aiding singers and musicians to better grow and advance with their skills. The studio will include facilities dedicated to the areas of vocal, composition, performance, production, and choreography training. A special cafe for artists to be able to sit down and communicate with their fans will also be included in the studio. All profits from the cafe will be donated to charities of the company’s choice.


B2ST’s Yong Junhyung selected as the #1 idol fashionista

B2ST‘s Yong Junhyung was selected as the #1 idol fashionista.

On the most recent recording for MBC Everyone‘s ‘Weekly Idol‘, the idol stars themselves chose the top 10 K-Pop idols they felt had the best fashion sense.

Previously, Big Bang leader G-Dragon was selected as the #1 ‘Idol Fashionista’ as well as the ‘Luxury High-End Idol’. So for this poll, the staff members decided to exclude G-Dragon’s name from the list.

Other idols chosen included T-ara‘s Hyomin, SHINee‘s Key, JYJ‘s Park Yoochun, 2NE1‘s CL, and more, but B2ST’s Yong Junhyung triumphed over everyone and claimed the #1 spot.


Big Bang and 2NE1 voted top K-pop stars in France

Big Bang and 2NE1 have been selected as the male and female groups most loved by the Hallyu fans in France.

The Paris office of Korean Tourism Organization has conducted ‘A survey to identify the status and distribution of Hallyu wave in France and the behavior of the Hallyu fans’ targeting 3,775 of local Hallyu fans. Big Bang and 2NE1 have each received 49.9% and 64.8% support coming in at #1.

The age range and gender of the fans who prefer 2NE1 and Big Bang were different. Big Bang was relatively highly preferred by male fans of Hallyu in France. As far a the age goes, Hallyu fans in their early 20′s seemed to prefer Big Bang. 2NE1 enjoyed most support of the Hallyu fans who are teenagers and those in their early 20′s and there was no significant difference between the genders.

The male group to rank #2 following Big Bang was Super Junior, then followed SHINee, B2ST, then 2PM. SNSD ranked #2 among female groups, followed by Miss A, f(x), then T-ara.


Big Bang, Super Junior and B2ST leading the Korean Wave Revolution

In a day and age when idol groups no longer take hiatuses, why does it seem like we hardly ever see them on stage? Well, we took a look into it and found out that it was due to the idol groups taking their performances to the global stage instead of just focusing on their activities in Korea.

Big Bang, Super Junior, B2ST and other idol groups all have very busy schedules and are performing in venues faraway from Korean fans. Moreover, these idol groups are leading the way in the global K-Pop craze, holding their aptly named ‘World Tours’ and meeting with fans all over the world.

Big Bang, who successfully completed its Seoul concert from March 2-4, will head to Japan next in the first half of this year. Then in the second half, the group will head to Southeast Asia, Europe, the United States and South America, making an appearance in 25 cities in 16 different countries on its world tour. Although Big Bang wasn’t able to carry out many activities last year due to various complications, this coming year is expected to be extra special for the group.

Korea Investment & Securities analyst Kim Shi Woo said, “Big Bang will hold its world tour this year and there’s much more to it than just seeing an increase in its concert revenue. Thanks to the joint venture with America’s number one concert agency Live Nation, this has become a great opportunity for Korean artists to showcase their musical talents [in the U.S. market]. Big Bang’s selection was most likely due to the group’s strong odds to find success in the international music scene. And since the revenue will be distributed between YG Entertainment and Live Nation, there’s a good chance Big Bang will make a profit in Japan and in the other countries as well.”


B2ST’s Junhyung sends his greetings from Indonesia

Despite being in the midst of B2ST‘s busy world activities these days, member Junhyung stopped to share a message and a sel-ca with his fans!


Yoseob & Eunji announce their ‘Be My Partner’ event

In addition to B2ST‘s Yoseob offering to buy dinner for a few fans, the official rules for the event have now been revealed. A special UCC (User Created Content) event named ‘Be My Partner‘ is being offered by A Cube Entertainment & Mnet.

The contest requires fans to sing a cover of Yoseob’s new collaboration song, “Love Day (Panda or B2UTY version)” with A Pink‘s Eunji, upload it (to a site such as YouTube) and then share the link on A Cube’s facebook event page.

Yoseob & Eunji will personally judge the videos and the top 2 winners will win a dinner date with Yoseob & Eunji.

The two idol singers recently released a video explaining the official rules for the ‘Be My Partner’ event.


Who is the best ‘Valentine’s Day Star Couple’?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and that means chocolate exchanges, romantic dinners, and flower bouquets for couples in love. Naturally, this includes celebrity couples as well, and netizens became curious to see which couple would stand out the most.

Music site ‘Monkey3‘ is famous for conducting online surveys, and they decided to hold another one in light of the upcoming holiday.

From February 2nd to the 8th, participants were asked, Which star couple would make Valentine’s Day shine the most?”

The top recipient was none other than Se7en and Park Han Byul!  The couple have been going out for 10 years, and so they collected 35 percent of the total votes, bumping off all other competitors.


Cube Entertainment reveals its list of official fan sites from 24 different countries

Cube Entertainment has announced some very exciting news for its international fans!

On February 9th, the agency revealed that they’ve endowed ‘official fan site’ status to 46 global websites dedicated to their artists. These fan sites come from 24 different countries such as Chile, the United States, Russia, the Philippines, and more.

According to Cube, 4minute will have 15 global fan sites, B2ST will have 21, and G.NA will open 10.

The agency reviewed over 150 fan sites for eight days, starting from January 17th. Officials examined reports submitted by each site regarding member activity and future management plans before deciding on a final list.


B2ST’s Junhyung & INFINITE’s L to cameo in ‘Salamander Guru’

B2ST‘s Junhyung and INFINITE‘s L will be making a cameo appearance in SBS’s sitcom, ‘Salamander Guru’.

On the episode scheduled to be broadcast on February 10th, Junhyung and L will guest-star as members of a “flower boy” trio of thieves along with SHINee‘s Minho.

The trio worked together in the past to hack into a wealthy home’s security system in order to steal a valuable painting. Although ‘Minhyuk’ (Minho) is trying to leave those dark days behind him, ‘Joker’ (Junhyung) and ‘L’ (L) are still living out their lives as thieves.

The two seek out Minho to collaborate with them once more. While Junhyung pins Minho to the ground and demands his cooperation, L, a gangster, easily handles those who try to come to Minho’s defense. As a result, the “flower boy” trio will embark on another mission to steal another valuable painting along with the ugly salamander gurus.


Jang Hyunseung thanks Big Bang members for their support

Big Bang and B2ST member Jang Hyun Seung‘s friendship has touched the hearts of many netizens.

Jang Hyun Seung tweeted on the 5th, “Truly thankful ungahdeul.. I’m so energized! Go! BEAUTIFUL SHOW..!”, and he revealed the photo above. (Ungahdeul: It’s a cute way of saying hyung in a plural form. It’s a slang btw.)

The photo shows a flower arrangement that Big Bang members have sent to congratulate B2ST’s concert. The messages are directed to Jang Hyun Seung, whom the Big Bang members have personal relationships with and the messages read, ‘Jang! Hyun! Seung! Jjang!’, ‘Big Bang Ungahdeul’, and ‘Our dongseng hwaiting crazy cheek’. The messages clearly show their brotherly love and it’s heartwarming to see that their friendship is still strong. (The last message could have been ‘Crazy Clown’, depending on what Big Bang tried to say).

Big Bang members and Jang Hyun Seung were all trainees in YG before either B2ST or Big Bang debuted. Jang Hyun Seung was eliminated in the final round of selection, but he later debuted triumphantly as a member of B2ST.


B2ST’s Junhyung to release his first solo song

B2ST‘s Junhyung will be releasing his first ever solo track since his debut!


B2ST is stronger with ballads?

B2ST’s release of their brand new ballad “I Knew It” was met with yet another explosive response, reminiscent of their success with their previous ballad hit “On Rainy Days”. While the songs’ musical composition as well as the boys’ vocal talents are without a doubt credible for the ballads’ magic, analysts have pondered why B2ST’s ballads chart significantly higher than their title tracks.

“I Knew It” was released on January 25th, and the song was an all-kill on a majority of mainstream music charts. Not only did the song enter the top spot from day one, it held the number one position for 3 days.

The most surprising part about the song’s success isn’t the longevity or its quick rise to the top ten spot. Rather, it’s the fact that the song was able to grab the top spot despite the fact that B2ST is currently not doing any television promotions for any albums whatsoever.

One may say that B2ST’s large fandom is the obvious reason for the success.  However, given the fact that the song’s success was met in just three days, and with a ballad song at that, fans and netizens marveled at B2ST’s ability to capture the top spot with not only dance numbers, but with songs of other genres as well.


Junhyung & Hara’s bracelets are not couple bracelets?

Contrary to earlier reports that B2ST‘s Junhyung and Kara‘s Goo Hara were wearing couple bracelets, new reports have surfaced claiming that those are not couple bracelets.

Junhyung’s fans have come forth with the statement that, Contrary to reports, Junhyung’s bracelet is not a couple bracelet, but a birthday wish bracelet that his fans gave to him last December 19th. As you can tell in the photos, Goo Hara’s bracelet has a longer charm than Junhyung’s. They are of completely different design.”

It is said that when one makes a wish as they put on the bracelet for the first time, it will come true after the bracelet has worn out and fallen off. This bracelet is reported to have been popular in America and Europe after 9/11, and has recently come to Korea.

Furthermore, the fans have added that, Goo Hara’s bracelet is actually the same design as those of B2ST’s other members, Yang Yoseob and Jang Hyunseung.  The fans have even uploaded a picture of Yoseob with the identical bracelet to prove that they are not couple bracelets.


More childhood photos of B2ST members surface online

In addition to past photos of member Lee Kikwang, childhood photos of B2ST members Yong Junhyung and Yoon Doojoon have also surfaced online.

A netizen recently shared the above photos on an online community site with the title, I know I’ll probably be sued by the B2ST fans, but I’m posting these anyway.’

Fans could hardly recognize the boys as they looked like very average kids on the block, as opposed to the chic and charismatic performers they are on stage today.

Some fans also laughed as the netizen who posted the photos also wrote, Sorry I couldn’t keep your secret, guys.”


European youths surveyed about South Korea & K-pop

The Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) recently conducted a survey on the brand image of South Korea among young people in Europe. They surveyed 1208 youths, aged 18-30 years old, in five major European cities — London, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan and Budapest.


Troublemaker’s HyunA and Hyunseung Dating?

4minute’s HyunA and BEAST’s Hyunseung (also known as Troublemaker) have been captured holding hands, piquing many netizens’ interest. Recently, photos titled “HyunA and Hyunseung Holding Hands Backstage, HyunA and Hyunseung Supposedly Dating” have been uploaded to various internet communities.


B2ST releases new concert poster for ’2012 Beautiful Show’

B2ST has released a new poster to coincide with the opening of their ticket sales for their first world tour concert, ‘Beautiful Show‘!

Starting on February 4th in Seoul, B2ST will be taking their ’2012 Beautiful Show‘ to 21 different cities around the world. Tickets for official fanclub members opened on January 2nd, along with a new poster as a gift for their patient fans.

Dressed in suits, the boys are standing on top of spotlights and looking determined to conquer every stage in the world.

Their first solo concert in 2010 did well enough to bring about another encore concert, which sold 30,000 tickets moments after going on sale. To prevent the homepage from crashing like before, ticketing sites have prepared their servers thoroughly for the rush of fans.


B2ST will perform a new song at their Seoul concert next month

B2ST has revealed that they’re busily preparing for their next new song.

Representatives of Cube Entertainment revealed on January 2nd, “B2ST will be releasing their first new song of 2012 before the start of their world tour. The song will be performed next month for the first time at their Seoul concert.”

As previously revealed, the boys will be touring 21 cities worldwide starting February 4th. They’ll also be releasing three digital singles before a final mini-album in April.

The representative continued, “During their world tour, B2ST will be presenting their fans with songs from a variety of genres like ballad, medium tempo, and dance.”


B2ST’s Doojoon discusses popularity, winning, and upcoming world tour

Having risen to the top of idol groups in just two years, B2ST is now looking forward to a 14-country worldwide tour. They’ve been on the fast track to success since their debut, and each new month brings even bigger and better achievements.

To celebrate the year’s end, leader Doojoon sat down for a series of interviews honoring the ‘Hot People Who Made This Year Shine’ by OSEN.

He began, “We still have to work so much harder. Really. I’m not saying this because it’s an interview, but we truly felt disappointed in that we hoped, ‘If only we could release another album…’ Officially, we only had five weeks worth of promotion time in Korea.”

At the mention of their growing popularity, Doojoon immediately shook his hands no. “Honestly speaking, we thought we’d hit it really big with our debut (laughter). We thought that even though we might not reach top star status, we’d still gain quite a bit of recognition. That wasn’t it, though. Thanks to other idol groups, we received some attention, but other than that, it was really hard for us. The members prepared their hearts, with some wondering whether they should get a part time job while others wondered what other career paths to take, really seriously.”


B2ST’s concert shown in 3D movie throughout Japan

It’s been announced that a 3D video will be screened across Japan, featuring footage from B2ST‘s solo concert, “Welcome Back to B2ST Airline” that took place in February at the Seoul Olympic Stadium.

On December 27th, the Japan ambassador company, Digital Plus, stated that B2ST’s 3D video will be shown at 20 different movie theaters from Hokkaido to Fukuoka from January 7th to the 13th.

The video will show their crowded concert and rehearsals, along with back stage clips and members’ interviews.


Source: Yonghap News via Nate

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B2ST announces 21-city world tour + Cube to debut new 7 member boy group

On December 26th, Cube Entertainment held their ‘Cube Entertainment Vision Briefing‘ press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, and unveiled their plans for 2012.

To start, officials announced that B2ST will embark on a 21-city tour. They’ll be kicking off the tour in Seoul on February 4th, followed by Germany (Berlin), England (London), Spain, America (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Singapore, Japan (five cities), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Shanghai), Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Thus far, 14 countries and 21 cities have been confirmed, with Brazil and Argentina still in discussion.

Over $20 million USD is being invested in the tour, and Cube hopes to attract at least 200,000 fans in total. They’ll be taking the tour to new heights by bringing in LED screens, the best video equipment, and 3D effects.


B2ST’s Yoseob voted as most “huggable” in recent poll

B2ST‘s Yoseob was voted as the star that fans wanted to hug most in a recent poll.

To celebrate the unofficial ‘Hug Day’ in Korea, SNS site UFO Town recently held a poll asking “The star I want most to give me a warm hug during the cold winter.”

Yoseob received 25% of the votes, with B1A4‘s Jinyoung and Baro coming in at 2nd and 3rd respectively. Meanwhile, INFINITE‘s L got 4th. As for the runner-ups, TEEN TOP‘s L. Joe, F.T. Island‘s Hongki, Boyfriend‘s Young Min, and T-ara‘s Hyomin also received a lot of votes.

The poll ran from November 17th to December 11th, earning a total of 1200 votes through text messages.


Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate

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ALi to release her first album feat. B2ST’s Junhyung

Thanks to her growing popularity on KBS‘s ‘Immortal Song 2‘, ALi has revealed that she will be releasing her first studio album, “SOUL-RI: A Town With Soul“.

Although it’s been two years since her debut, “SOUL-RI: A Town With Soul” will be ALi’s very first full-length album. Scheduled to hit shelves on December 13th, the album contains a featuring by B2ST‘s Junhyung for her title track, “Don’t Act Countrified“. The music video has also cast actor Jun Tae Soo, who’s been on a 10-month hiatus since assaulting a taxi driver 10 months back.

The album contains a total of 11 songs, four of which ALi personally composed, wrote, and produced.

She stated, “I’m really glad to finally be releasing an official album two years into my debut. More than anything, I’m happy that songs I’ve kept stored away will finally be able to see the light. I want to perform music that is able to connect with everybody, something that satisfies anybody that is a lover of music. Please give this album your love and support.”