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Boyfriend reveals their tips on how to tell twins Youngmin and Kwangmin apart

Boyfriend is known for being one of the few groups in K-Pop that has twin brothers. Although it’s easy to tell the twins apart by their hairstyles, what would happen if they wore a hat? The members gave some pointers on how to differentiate between Youngmin and Kwangmin.

They began, “You can tell Youngmin and Kwangmin apart without relying on their hairstyles alone.Hyunsung continued, “Kwangmin has a longer jawline while Youngmin’s is softer and more feminine.”

Leader Donghyun added, “They have different personalities as well. Youngmin is easy-going and smooth, while Kwangmin is masculine. Kwangmin is like the hyung, but at the end of the day, Youngmin steps up as the real hyung when he has to.”

Reminiscing back to the first time he saw them, Donghyun stated, “I was with the twins when we were training, but I didn’t know they were twins at first. They had different hair colors then as well. Our training rooms are divided into room ‘A’ and room ‘B’ and I remember being shocked to see the same kid in two different rooms. I thought I had seen an illusion.”


Boyfriend reveals that their bunk beds collapse on them constantly

6-member rookie group Boyfriend recently revealed a situation that almost caused a delay in their album’s release.

Sitting down for an interview with Newsen, the boys went into some details about their preparation process for their 2nd mini-album “Don’t Touch My Girl”. “The album almost wasn’t released on time,” they shared.

Leader Donghyun explained, “I was sleeping in our dorm when I heard something crashing down in a half-asleep state. Then something fell down on top of my face and body… I opened my eyes out of surprise but it was so dark I couldn’t see anything, and my face was hurting… I first thought maybe it was sleep paralysis, but it had actually been the top bunk bed crashing down.”

At the time, Donghyun had been sleeping on the bottom level of the bunk bed while Youngmin slept on the top.


Boyfriend to release 700 gold discs in ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ albums as invitation to fan meeting

Six member group Boyfriend has a special surprise for 700 lucky fans in their new single album, ‘Don’t Touch My Girl.’

Boyfriend announced on their official fan cafe, “To celebrate our 2nd single album, Boyfriend is planning a special event for you guys. Who will be the receiver of the gold disks?” 700 copies of Boyfriend’s ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’ album will contain the lucky “gold CD,” which will later act as an invitation to Boyfriend’s future fan meeting.

Fans who heard the news commeneted, “I will stop at nothing to have the golden CD in my hands,” and, “I’m more shaken by the members’ cuteness than I am by the CDs.”


Source + Photo: ETO via Nate

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Boyfriend takes a friendly photo with Son Yeon Jae

Boyfriend met the gymnastic fairy Son Yeon Jae.

A photo of them was recently updated on one of the online community websites titling, ‘Hey, Boyfriend. Don’t touch Son Yeon Jae!’

In the picture, Boyfriend is surrounding Son Yeon Jae, as if they are trying to protect her.

People said, “it’s surprising that you guys know each other,” “Boyfriend looks very reliable,” “I envy Son Yeon Jae,” “you all look so cute,” and so on.


Boyfriend reveals cover for “Don’t Touch My Girl”

Idol group Boyfriend has just revealed the album cover for their second single, ‘Don’t Touch My Girl‘  through their official Facebook and Twitter.

The boys showcase a more masculine charisma for this single, as seen by their strong gazes and short hairstyles. The red designs on the cover heighten the sense of aggression felt by their title alone.

In addition to their song ‘Don’t Touch My Girl’, the boys will also release ‘Warning‘. Boyfriend will drop their second single on October 6th.


Source: TV Daily via Nate

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Hallyu rookie idol stars on the rise 110918

Rookie idol groups have been doing their part in advancing the Hallyu wave.  Aside from B1A4 and Block B, who both showed off their charms through MTV’s Match Up, there are also groups like Boyfriend and HITT that have been actively promoting since their debut.

Block B received the attention of many industry officials for being the idol stars trained by Cho PD.  Their mini-album release in June ranked in at second in album sales and is still doing strong on the charts several months into its release, topping Hanteo sales.  They’ve also kicked off their Japanese advancement to a successful start, performing in four cities through a showcase tour in Japan.

The feat itself had some industry officials doubting their success, but Block B stunned all by selling out all of their pre-order tickets in just three minutes of them going on sale.

With other idols like B1A4 and F.CUZ promoting in other locations in South East Asia and the like, the influence of rookie idol groups on the Hallyu wave is receiving much spotlight.