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Rookie boy group changes their name due to VIPs’ opposition

The 5-member rookie group changed their group name to ‘BOYZ’ before their debut.

The members of the group are Enoch, Noah, Yudam, Junwon and Haru. Before they debut, they changed their name from ‘VIP’ to ‘BOYZ’.

Their agency explained the group has changed the name to ‘BOYZ’ although it was originally named ‘VIP’. It got the name because  the members are known by it on the internet. However, since it is the same as the name of the Big Bang’s fans, they have faced  a lot of opposition from Big Bang’s fan club. Therefore, they finally decided to change it to ‘BOYZ’



Source:  Newsen
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates.com

Cre : bigbangupdates.com