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‘United Cube Concert’ confirmed for Brazil!

South American fans will be delighted to hear that 4minute, B2ST, and G.NA will soon be touching down at Brazil.

Cube Entertainment revealed on November 2nd that the ‘United Cube Concert‘ will be making history by holding the highly anticipated event in South America.

Cube Entertainment has joined hands with CJ E&M, and plans to hold the concert at Sao Paulo, Brazil at the ‘Espaço das Americas, Sao Paulo’ on December 13th.

The concert tour kicked off earlier in Japan during August and brought in 10,000 spectators, and will be followed by London on December 6th (Korean time, December 5th in England).


Mir of MBLAQ changes his hairstyle to that of a Brazilian soccer player on K-POP Cover Dance

On the episode of MBC TV’s Cover Dance Festival K-POP Roadshow 40120, MBLAQ members visited Brazil, the country of Samba.

In this episode, MBLAQ visited fan Luana’s house, and Luana shed tears and said, “K Pop has been a great comfort to me during my gloomy childhood after the divorce of my parents.”

Especially, Luana, who works as a hairdresser, cut Mir’s hair on the spot. Mir’s new hair looked like that of Brazilian soccer player Neymar and gave a good laugh.

Other members responded: “You look like Beckham.” “You look like a sea horse.” Mir gave a bracelet as a gift and created a friendly atmosphere.

Source: TV Report

By : ilnungcha @ korea.com