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Boy groups predicted to dominate the K-pop music scene in 2012

It would not be an overstatement to say that 2011 was all about the girl groups. Girls’ Generation, T-ara, Brown Eyed Girls, KARA, Wonder Girls, as well as other female idols topped the charts and had a strong grip on the K-pop music scene.

But now, 2012 is shaping up to be all about the boys. CHAOS, F.I.X, TEEN TOP, as well as other rookie boy groups have began their new promotions to kick off 2012, and their powerful stage performances as well as their confident vocals are raising fans’ expectations for their 2012 activities.

Five-member boy group CHAOS released their first single “She is Coming” on January 6th. “She is Coming” is a cross between funky rhythm and Rock & Roll, and the MV for the song was met with an explosive response upon release.

CHAOS, which made its debut through SBS Inkigayo on January 8th put on an impressive dance performance dressed in pink and grey stage ensembles and showcased their vocals live for the very first time. Norazo‘s Lee Hyuk was also revealed to be their vocal coach, further raising fans’ expectations for the group as a whole.


CHAOS talks about what sets them apart from other idols

When rookie boy group CHAOS sat down for their first interview, reporters immediately noticed that they weren’t like the other debuts. For one, they didn’t look intimidated and made sure to meet everyone’s gaze.

Reporters readily agreed that upon meeting Dongmin, Doohwan, Park Taeyang, Hyunsun, and Heejae, the first thought that came to their mind was that they were not accustomed to such an idol group.

When questioned what made them so different, Park Taeyang responded, “Whenever I saw idols on TV, I wondered to myself why all of them looked so similar, why they even danced the same things over and over again. I didn’t really like that and so we knew off the bat that if we’re not going to be different, that we’re not going to do this at all.”

Told that they don’t have any of the cutesy manner of speech or facial expressions that other boy groups have, they shrugged and responded, “We sometimes get into physical fights if our opinions erupt into an argument. Still, we make sure that everything ends on the spot and make up afterwards.”


CHAOS reveals remaining three members!

Upcoming rookie idol group, CHAOS, has revealed their remaining members through their official Facebook fan-page today.

The group has already been in the spotlight for a controversy surrounding one of the member’s names, ‘Taeyang’. We reported earlier that Winning Insight Entertainment responded to fan complaints by including ‘Park‘, Taeyang’s last name, into his official stage name.

After unveiling their first two members, Hyunsun and Park Taeyang, as well as their official music video teaser, CHAOS has revealed its final three members of the group: Heejae (top left), Dongmin (right), and Doohwan (bottom left).

Heejae, the leader of the group, will be showcasing his strong leadership skills as well as his smooth charisma. Dongmin gives off an intense vibe with his sharp jaw line and a smouldering look, while maknae Doohwan is sure to capture hearts with his innocent appeal.


CHAOS’s Taeyang changes his stage name to ‘Park Taeyang’ due to fan complaints

Earlier this week, Piggy Dolls‘ label revealed that they would be debuting a funky boy group named CHAOS.

Fans quickly noticed that one of the members was named Taeyang, the same as Big Bang‘s Taeyang, and expressed their immediate disapproval over the usage. Since Taeyang is already using the name, fans of Big Bang asked the company to use a different name. The company complied, revealing that Taeyang will include his last name into his stage name, thus becoming ‘Park Taeyang‘.

Winning InSight revealed, Taeyang’s name isn’t a stage name but his real name. He used to promote under the name Park Taeyang back in 2004. We’ll make sure to include his last name in his future promotions, and hope this clears up any misunderstandings.”


Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver

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Piggy Dolls’ label releases teasers for new boy group, CHAOS

Winning InSight, the entertainment company that’s home to artists like Norazo and the Piggy Dolls, has unveiled two pictures of their upcoming boy group, CHAOS!

On December 28th, the company introduced members Hyunsun and Taeyang, who’ll be “rising rookies with a funky sound.” Hyunsun has a killer smile, and is the oldest of the group as well as its rapper. Taeyang is known for his tall height and strong charisma.

The most interesting part about their debut, however, is that they’re using promotion styles similar to SM Entertainment‘s EXO-K and EXO-M. While EXO is simultaneously debuting in Korea and China, CHAOS will be debuting in Korea and Japan.

Netizens commented, “Looks like EXO has a rival,“Wondering how this pans out,” and “I hope they both play a part in raising Hallyu.”