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Cho PD talks about Block B’s unique growth on ‘Lulu Lala’

Block B and their agency chief, Cho PD, recently appeared on MBC‘s ‘Lululala‘, where they showed off their entertainment skills.

Cho PD made his first foray into entertainment programs through ‘Lululala’, despite making his debut as a singer 14 years ago. I don’t have any regrets. Everyone including myself must make concessions to obtain good results, he expressed, demonstrating his dedication to helping Block B’s promotions as much as possible.

Cho PD also revealed that he gave permission for the Block B members to produce their own songs. Though there was some backlash from those who believed that it was a risky move, Cho PD persisted in making this happen.

As the head of Block B’s agency, Brandnew Stardom Entertainment, Cho PD got to witness firsthand the trials his group had to face during their debut period. When Block B debuted, I criticized the producers for not giving credit to the members who composed and produced the song; the producers responded by pulling out, taking their songs with them. It was an uncertain situation where the Block B members suffered a lot.


Cho PD reveals he considered taking out a loan for Block B

Cho PD, the mastermind behind Block B, has revealed that he once inquired about a loan for the first time in his life.

Cho PD said that he estimated the amount of money it would take to push the seven-member idol group and agency Brand New Stardom to the top; the figure made him think about putting in a loan application for the first time in his life.

He stated, “I’m not paying a monthly installment for my car, nor do I have any loans right now. However, I looked into how much money I could borrow by using our agency office as collateral, so that I would not have to receive help from outside sources.”

Cho PD’s investment in Brand New Stardom with Block B’s debut last year was said to be around 1.5 billion Won (~ $1,341,297 USD). Ten months later, it was estimated to have surpassed 2 billion Won (~$1,788,350).


Cho PD Reveals Teaser Image Regarding Block B’s Comeback

It’s been awhile since we last heard from Block B. During the time since their last album, the fellas haven’t had a chance for a vacation as they worked on their album amidst their busy schedule. Between Cho PD and leader Zico, there were many hints signaling a comeback for the boys on the block. Originally, it was thought that the group would release an album sometime in January. Now at the tail end of the month we finally have some news regarding the talented young group’s latest release.


Block B reveals ‘Welcome to the Block’ intro!

Block B have just kicked off their promotions for their comeback mini-album, ‘Welcome to the Block‘!

On January 13th, Cho PD tweeted, Welcome to the BLOCK intro, and linked a video from Block B’s official Facebook page.

The 22-second clip introduces each member amidst a highly intense background, further building the hype for Block B’s long-awaited comeback.

As reported earlier, ‘Welcome to the Block’ features five new songs all written and produced by leader Zico and Park Kyung. Their comeback is scheduled for February 2nd.


Cho PD dedicates his title track “Family Man” to Steve Jobs

With the release of his title track “Family Man” due in a few days, Cho PD has revealed that he will be dedicating the song to his inspiration, Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

The lyrics for the song itself is about life and death. When a part of the lyrics stating, “I just want to be judged for having lived passionately, because after all, even if you live a nice and gentle life, it can be taken away with tragedies like cancer,” was heard, fans wondered what he had meant.

Cho PD explained, While working as a musician for the past 14 years, there were times where I was disillusioned to think that I had become a popular name at the beginning of my career.  Afterwards, though, I spent time sitting between my life as a public figure and my personal life and began to deeply inspect it.  I came across a variety of people with a lot of different jobs and found that regardless of their careers, the life cycles of people aren’t too different from one another, which is what my lyrics are about.”

He continued, “Currently, I believe that Steve Jobs was a mentor to many people.  He himself is a reflection of our generation.”


Cho PD – Free Spirit MV Teaser


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