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Daesung and Taeyang cuts on SBS KPOP Star Survival (120129)

Big Bang’s Daesung appears on ‘K-Pop Star’, pointed but thoughtful

Big Bang member Daesung appeared on a variety show after a long while away.

On the January 29th installment of SBS’s ‘K-Pop Star’, the YG training system was revealed with the casting audition finals coming up. The contestants attended the monthly evaluations.

Those who set out as the judges next to Yang Hyun Suk were 2NE1′s Park Bom & CL, and Big Bang’s Taeyang & Daesung. After the car accident last year, Daesung had been taking time for introspection. Recently Daesung has started working through MBN’s ‘What’s Up’ and Big Bang is about to make their comeback but it has been a long while since his appearance on a variety show.


Old Photo of 2NE1’s CL Looking Nervous and Shy with Lee Hyori

A past photo of 2NE1’s CL and Lee Hyori has surfaced the web.


CL’s “Where Is The Love” performance is #1 on ‘Best International Collaborations’ list

MTV Iggy has recently posted their list of ’10 International Collaborations That Blew Our Mind in 2011′. Although there were many amazing collaborations featured on the article, coming in at #1 were none other than 2NE1′s CL, will.i.am, Apl.de.ap with “Where is the Love” at the ’2011 MAMA’ (Mnet Asian Music Awards).


CL discusses 2NE1′s achievements in 2011

2NE1‘s leader CL recently sat down for an interview with OSEN to discuss the group’s various achievements this year.

Chosen as one OSEN’s ‘Hottest People of 2011‘, CL and her members were praised for their ability to churn out chart-topping hits one after the other. The group has gone through a wide spectrum of genres this year which attributed to their success, but CL humbly chalked it up to “good timing.”

CL began, I don’t whether we’re trusted 100% yet, but our success benefited a lot from our music. Producer Teddy oppa wrote us really great songs and we released them at a great timing. ‘Lonely‘ was released when there weren’t many quiet songs on the market, and then we came out with ‘I Am the Best’ right after.”

All year long, the girls have been dominating the charts, starting with “Don’t Cry“, “Lonely”, “I Am the Best”, “Hate You“, and “Ugly“. These are achievements any singer would die for, but CL claims it’s not enough.


2NE1′s CL holds an interview with BBC World News in English

Global news provider, BBC World News, recently conducted an interview in English with 2NE1‘s leader CL.

The news anchor began by talking about 2NE1′s achievement in scoring the ‘MTV Iggy Best New Band In the World‘ award, before they went on to discuss the global impact and potential of K-Pop. Viewers were quite amazed at how the Korean native responded smoothly in English with little hesitation.

At one point in the interview, the BBC asked, Talking about K-Pop, how big of a future do you think it will have on the global entertainment industry?“, to which the idol answered, “Well, I think it’s just the start and I hope it gets bigger and bigger, but I don’t know if we want to categorize ourselves into one thing as 2NE1.”

Check out an excerpt from the interview!


2NE1′s Dara and CL return to Korea for ‘YG Family Concert’ rehearsal

On November 26th, 2NE1‘s CL and Sandara Park shared a fresh selca through the latter’s me2day to commemorate their return to Korea.

Sandara wrote, Arrived in Korea!  Came here to practice for the YG Family Concert!  All the artists are coming to meet today!  The sunbaenims are coming in one by one! doogeun doogeun, kong dak kong dak! [onomatopoeia for heartbeat].  Today’s fashion is about utilizing a face mask.  Sandara and CL’s 2-set selca!  How is it?

The photo also contained a caption that read, The [main] point of this photo! Chae Rin‘s [CL’s real name] cute eyes that can only be seen in the dorms.”

Fans were delighted to see the return of the infamous face masks from 2NE1′s “Ugly” MV, especially since they allowed CL to keep her edgy style even though she dressed down and didn’t wear any makeup.


2NE1′s Sandara Park shares CL’s explosive dance practice video on me2day

On October 26th, 2NE1‘s Sandara Park uploaded an interesting video via her me2day. The video depicted leader CL showing off her sexy fierce swag while rehearsing a dance routine.


SBS introduces Chris Koo, “the male CL”

On September 13th, Korea was introduced to Chris Koo, who proudly declared himself to be “the male CL“.

Chris Koo appeared on SBS‘s “Chuseok Special Hallyu Olympics“, and the audience was shocked by his close resemblance to 2NE1‘s fierce leader.

Armed with a confident smile, blonde hair, and thick eyeliner, Chris Koo busted out some moves from Chae Yeon‘s “Shake” and 2NE1′s “I Am The Best“, adding his own unique flair to the performance.

He also danced to trot singer Tae Jin Ah‘s “Dong Ban Ja“, while showing off his ‘hip dance’.


G-Dragon and 2NE1’s CL Featured on MNet Wide [SUBBED]

The theme was “singers who should perform together/ form a unit or group together”

source: chuusubs@youtube.com and @clthebaddestfemale.com

By : bigbangupdates.com

2NE1 Mengungkapkan Teaser CL untuk “Hate You” Versi Jepang

YG Entertainment mengungkapkan teaser terakhir untuk 2NE1 upcoming Japanese song, “Hate You“, melalui saluran resmi YouTube mereka!

Teaser ini dibintangi leader CL. Check out the clip below!


by asphodel @ allkpop