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Cube Entertainment artists celebrate the opening of ‘Cube Studio’

Cube Entertainment has announced that they have opened the doors to a new personal studio for their artists to mark the start of a brand new adventure together!

On April 10th, CEO Hong Seung Sung and his artists, 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, and BtoB all gathered to celebrate the opening of ‘Cube Studio’. Leaders from each respective group stood alongside their CEO to cut the tape for the grand opening. Although Cube Entertainment was established in 2008, this will be their first private studio where they will be using it as a foundation for their global marketing strategies.

Hong Seung Sung stated, “I created this place to instill a sense of bravery in our artists to help the Korean entertainment industry become one of the best. I hope that this studio will be the start of K-Pop transcending Asia and taking place all over the world.”

‘Cube Studio’ will be aiding singers and musicians to better grow and advance with their skills. The studio will include facilities dedicated to the areas of vocal, composition, performance, production, and choreography training. A special cafe for artists to be able to sit down and communicate with their fans will also be included in the studio. All profits from the cafe will be donated to charities of the company’s choice.


BtoB members reveal their thoughts after first debut stage

Fresh Cube Entertainment idol group BtoB (Born To Beat) expressed how they felt after their debut performance of “Insane” on ‘M!Countdown‘.


BtoB’s “Insane” MV revealed!

Cube Entertainment‘s newest 7-member male idol group, BtoB, is already stirring up much attention with the release of their double title tracks “Insane” and “Imagine”, and the airing of their ‘Premium Launching Show’ through YouTube.


BtoB’s Sungjae and Minhyuk land MC roles on ‘The Show’ before debut

Cube Entertainment‘s upcoming rookie boy band, BtoB, has already landed themselves an MC position on a popular music program!

BtoB’s Lee Minhyuk and Yook Sungjae have been named the new MCs for SBS MTV‘s ‘The Show 2‘! On March 20th, the boys will be participating in their first recording as the new MCs for season two of the popular music show.

Representatives of ‘The Show’ revealed, We recognized BtoB’s potential and ability to become leaders and entertainers of the K-Pop scene, which is why we cast them as MCs for our music program even before their debut.”

Minhyuk is known for his pretty visuals but also his talents in vocal, rap, and acrobatics. Sungjae, on the other hand, is the group’s maknae and has been noticed for his tall height and skills in singing and dancing.


BTOB Reveals Member Photos and First Teaser Video Feat. A Pink’s Chorong

On March 19, Cube Entertainment’s upcoming new boy group, BTOB, finally unveiled its member profile photos and first teaser video, starring A Pink’s Park Chorong.

In the photos, you get to see Lee Chang Sub, Yook Sung Jae, and Peniel Shin for the first time. Seo Eun Kwang, Lee Min Hyuk, Lim Hyun Sik, and Jung Il Hoon made their first public appearance through jTBC’s “I Live in Chungdam-Dong.”

“BTOB features members between the ages of 18 to 23. The seven member boy group will showcase its skills and introduce a new dance genre with its emotional vocals and rap,” Cube Entertainment said.

In addition to the profile pictures, BTOB also unveiled a 43-second teaser video, giving a good idea of what to expect from this high-energy group. A Pink’s Chorong also makes a surprise cameo appearance, so make sure you check it out below!


Cube Entertainment launches sub-label ‘Cube DC’

After revealing the name of their upcoming male idol group, Cube Entertainment has announced the launch of their new sub-label, ‘Cube DC’.

Cube DC’s first artist will be the upcoming rookie group, BTOB (“B-to-B”). The seven member boy group will be debuting on March 22nd, and will also become Cube DC’s first artist to debut.

Cube DC has set out to bring “customized artist management” in the long run by fragmenting the world market and utilizing individualized promotion strategies for the various markets of the world.

Their first artist, BTOB, will emphasize the emotional aspects of K-Pop through mesmerizing vocals, beautiful melodies, and lyrics, to establish a new “global standard” in the K-Pop market, and showcase their distinct appeal.


Cube Entertainment reveals their new male idol group, ‘BTOB’!

We’ve known for a while that Cube Entertainment would be debuting a new seven member male idol group. What we didn’t know was what their name would be, or when they would debut. However, the answers to those questions have been revealed today!

We have just been notified by Cube Entertainment that the name of the new male idol group is BTOB (“B-to-B”)!

A new teaser site btobofficial.com has just been opened up minutes ago revealing an ‘ID FILM’ to announce the name of the new group to the world. The film showcases the dance skills of the members, and states, “The wait is over. Be ready to be blown away. The world of K-Pop is about to change. Cube Entertainment proudly presents BTOB (Born To Beat).”

BTOB stands for “Born To Beat”, and embodies their determination to show the world a new beat and new performances. The “beat” also stands for their goal to surpass all others, with their name taking on the meaning of – “Born to impress the listeners of the world with music”.


B2ST is stronger with ballads?

B2ST’s release of their brand new ballad “I Knew It” was met with yet another explosive response, reminiscent of their success with their previous ballad hit “On Rainy Days”. While the songs’ musical composition as well as the boys’ vocal talents are without a doubt credible for the ballads’ magic, analysts have pondered why B2ST’s ballads chart significantly higher than their title tracks.

“I Knew It” was released on January 25th, and the song was an all-kill on a majority of mainstream music charts. Not only did the song enter the top spot from day one, it held the number one position for 3 days.

The most surprising part about the song’s success isn’t the longevity or its quick rise to the top ten spot. Rather, it’s the fact that the song was able to grab the top spot despite the fact that B2ST is currently not doing any television promotions for any albums whatsoever.

One may say that B2ST’s large fandom is the obvious reason for the success.  However, given the fact that the song’s success was met in just three days, and with a ballad song at that, fans and netizens marveled at B2ST’s ability to capture the top spot with not only dance numbers, but with songs of other genres as well.


Cube’s new boy group shows off performance talent on ‘I Live in Cheongdam-Dong’

The officials at Cube Entertainment have been keeping their lips sealed on the agency’s upcoming seven-member boy band, but fans are getting a sneak peek at the young men’s talent through a televised sitcom performance.

It was reported back in December that five members of the group would be part of the jTBC sitcom, ‘I Live in Cheongdam-Dong‘. The young men take on the roles of an aspiring boy group mentored by Jo Kwan Woo, also working toward a debut in the show. The young men put together a performance in the 35th episode that showed off the idols’ skills.

An official had previously explained that Cube’s new group would be skilled in vocals, rapping and dance. Though the young men haven’t actually debuted in the real world yet, their sitcom characters’ performance gives us a first-ever look at these talents.

Watch the performance at 26:16 here!


B2ST will perform a new song at their Seoul concert next month

B2ST has revealed that they’re busily preparing for their next new song.

Representatives of Cube Entertainment revealed on January 2nd, “B2ST will be releasing their first new song of 2012 before the start of their world tour. The song will be performed next month for the first time at their Seoul concert.”

As previously revealed, the boys will be touring 21 cities worldwide starting February 4th. They’ll also be releasing three digital singles before a final mini-album in April.

The representative continued, “During their world tour, B2ST will be presenting their fans with songs from a variety of genres like ballad, medium tempo, and dance.”


Cube Entertainment to hold ’2012 Cube Star Audition in Korea’

Cube Entertainment will be holding their first nationwide audition tour in 2012!

Starting on January 5th, the company will kick off their eight-city ‘2012 Cube Star Audition in Korea‘ in Junju, followed by Kwangju, Daegu, Busan, Daejun, Wonju, Seoul, and Jeju.

Contestants can apply in the areas of dance, singing, acting, modeling, and MCing. There are no restrictions based on nationality, gender, or age – anyone can participate.

4minute and B2ST showed their support to the auditioners by stating, We’re looking for the next stars to follow in 4minute, B2ST’s, and G.NA‘s footsteps to becoming the future of Cube Entertainment. We hope that you achieve all that you have dreamed. We’ll always be supporting our future stars.”


Netizens compare the buildings of idol companies

From left to right: 1. SM, Cube, DSP Media 2. YG, Loen, Starship 3. JYP, Core Contents Media, Dream Tea

On December 29th, a post with a compilation of company photos began circulating on an online community board, leading netizens to compare and contrast the vastly different buildings from one another.

Netizens quickly noticed that SM Entertainment’s looked like a town hall, YG Entertainment‘s looked like a venture company, JYP Entertainment‘s looked like a theater, Cube‘s a cafe, Loen’s a bank, Core Content Media‘s an officetel, DSP Media‘s a wealthy home, Starship‘s a villa, and Dream Tea‘s a townhouse.

Netizens commented, “YG’s building is really amazing,” “Loen really does look like a company building,” “SM’s is kind of funny,” and “SM’s looks better on the inside.”


Source + Photos: Donga via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

B2ST announces 21-city world tour + Cube to debut new 7 member boy group

On December 26th, Cube Entertainment held their ‘Cube Entertainment Vision Briefing‘ press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, and unveiled their plans for 2012.

To start, officials announced that B2ST will embark on a 21-city tour. They’ll be kicking off the tour in Seoul on February 4th, followed by Germany (Berlin), England (London), Spain, America (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Singapore, Japan (five cities), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Shanghai), Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.

Thus far, 14 countries and 21 cities have been confirmed, with Brazil and Argentina still in discussion.

Over $20 million USD is being invested in the tour, and Cube hopes to attract at least 200,000 fans in total. They’ll be taking the tour to new heights by bringing in LED screens, the best video equipment, and 3D effects.


Following Trouble Maker, Cube Entertainment announces 2nd unit group

Following the debut of Cube Entertainment‘s first unit group, Trouble Maker, the second unit group has been chosen to be 4minute‘s Gayoon and Jiyoon!

On December 22nd, representatives of Cube Entertainment revealed that the two will be debuting as a unit after the release of 4minute’s comeback album and promotions next year. As 4minute’s main vocalist, Gayoon is known for her exceptional vocal talent, and has already participated in a number of OSTs herself.

Combined with Jiyoon’s talent as 4minute’s second vocalist along with her experience on ‘Immortal Song 2‘, the two will be showing a new charm and image unlike any seen before.

The representative stated, “Gayoon and Jiyoon’s vocal styles are completely the opposite of each other, but when combined, creates a beautiful effect. We’re currently considering them as a ballad duo. There isn’t a name for their unit yet but our company has taken to calling them the ‘Double Yoon’.”


Source + Photos: E-daily via Naver

by VITALSIGN @ allkpop

HyunA & Hyunseung’s kiss stunt at ‘2011 MAMA’ was “lip to cheek”


“Trouble Maker” duo HyunA and Hyunseung have worked up quite the storm after heating up the stage at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards, shocking everyone with a sensual kiss in the middle of an intimate dance sequence.

However, scandalized fans can seek solace in a recent statement by a CUBE official, who confirmed that the HyunA and Hyunseung didn’t actually lock lips during their performance. The kiss was not lip to lip, but actually lip to cheek.

The kiss was a decision made by the directors before the performance,” the representative went on to clarify. “This stage was special because it was a place to wrap up the successes of this past year and also debut a new unit collaboration. It was after the agreement with the directors that this kiss stunt was developed.

The group is scheduled to debut on December 1st.


2012 rumored to debut boy groups from SM, YG, JYP, TS, Cube, Pledis & more

According to a press release from TS Entertainment, an online post titled, ‘Boy Idol Groups Planned for Debut in 2012′ has been drawing widespread attention lately, revealing members of various boy groups that are scheduled to debut next year.


Trouble Maker releases tracklist + teaser for their project album


Cube Entertainment‘s new project duo, Trouble Maker, has released the tracklist for their upcoming debut album!


HyunA & Hyunseung’s ‘Trouble Maker’ unit releases teaser photo

Cube Entertainment has kicked off its countdown for Trouble Maker‘s debut by releasing an image teaser today.

Trouble Maker is a special performance unit comprised of 4minute‘s HyunA and B2ST‘s Jang Hyunseung (a.k.a. JS). When it was revealed that these two idols would make up the unit, many in the music industry took notice and mused, “This is a unit that nobody could have imagined.”

In their teaser photo, HyunA and JS took sequenced shots arranged in such a way that it resembled an intricate dance. JS gave his trademark ‘cool-guy’ glare, which HyunA matched with a strong expression of her own. There’s no set concept yet, except to showcase bold confidence.

Trouble Maker will release their debut EP on December 1st, but stay tuned for more teasers from the duo.


by phenom @ allkpop

Cube to launch co-ed unit ‘Trouble Maker’ with B2ST’s Hyunseung and HyunA

Cube Entertainment has just revealed that they’ll be launching a co-ed ”performance unit” called Trouble Maker!

The agency unveiled the unit’s album jacket photo through their homepage, along with the announcement that Trouble Maker is comprised of B2ST‘s Hyunseung and 4minute‘s HyunA.

The photo features a “private party concept” with HyunA and Hyunseung dressed in all black. Expectations are rising high for a provocative, yet sophisticated show that will encompass both HyunA and Hyunseung’s charms.

Their first mini albun, ‘Trouble Maker’,consists of a dance track as well as an emotional ballad.


What do SM, YG, JYP and Cube have planned for 2012?

The Hallyu wave is currently blowing strong beyond Asia to other parts of the globe, and K-pop artists are making their way to bigger stages all over the world.

International K-pop fans have been able to instantly access their favorite stars through mediums such as Twitter and Youtube, and accordingly, Korea’s top agencies are well aware that every new group they release will be introduced to an expanding global audience. Here’s a brief look at what Korea’s top 4 agencies have planned for next year.

<SM Entertainment – Global boy group to debut with overseas unit groups>

SM Entertainment has plans to debut a boy group with an international audience in mind. SM’s new boy group will promote in Korea, Japan, and China as both a group and separate sub-units.


Korea’s top labels to create global K-pop concert brand ‘M-Live’

Entertainment company, CJ E&M has teamed up with some of the top Korean music labels in order to help improve the organization of their concerts and further spread the K-pop Hallyu wave throughout the world.

A conference titled ‘CJ E&M Global Concert brand M-Live K-POP Joint Advancement‘ took place on November 2nd in Seoul, and in attendance were CJ E&M representative Ahn Suk Jun, Star Empire‘s Shin Joo Hak, Amoeba Culture‘s Ko Kyung Min, FNC Music‘s Han Sung Ho, Jungle Entertainment‘s Cho Sun Oh, J Tune‘s Jo Dong Won, Cube Entertainment‘s Hong Seung Sung, as well as 6 other representatives from Korea’s top music agencies. The topic of discussion being the launch of a new global concert brand ‘M-Live‘.

Ahn Suk Jun of CJ E&M remarked, This is the first global concert brand that we’re currently working on with the top names in the industry.”

K-POP has well established in Korea as well as Asia, but now we want to effectively enlarge our territories in South America as well as the Middle East. We will continue to work on spreading the Hallyu wave world-wide. Our goals are that in the future, not only K-POP but Korean entertainment overall will be established globally.”


‘United Cube Concert’ confirmed for Brazil!

South American fans will be delighted to hear that 4minute, B2ST, and G.NA will soon be touching down at Brazil.

Cube Entertainment revealed on November 2nd that the ‘United Cube Concert‘ will be making history by holding the highly anticipated event in South America.

Cube Entertainment has joined hands with CJ E&M, and plans to hold the concert at Sao Paulo, Brazil at the ‘Espaço das Americas, Sao Paulo’ on December 13th.

The concert tour kicked off earlier in Japan during August and brought in 10,000 spectators, and will be followed by London on December 6th (Korean time, December 5th in England).


Ticket sales begin for ‘United Cube in London’ concert

Last week, we reported that tickets for ‘United Cube in London‘ would start selling at the end of October. Fans won’t have to wait on pins and needles anymore, as Live Nation officially kicked off ticket sales for London’s first K-Pop concert.

General admission tickets begin at £65.00, and the event will be held at the O2 Academy in Brixton, South London. The Brixton Academy is known for being one of the biggest non-arena venues in London, and it’s attracted a bevy of world-class performers like Madonna, Arcade Fire, Sex Pistols, and Bob Dylan. Now it’s G.NA, 4minute, and B2ST‘s turn to rock the hall and deliver a concert that London will never forget.

Doojoon, the leader of B2ST, stated, “We’re already excited thinking about performing at a place where many artists that we look up to have performed at before. As the starting point [of a venture into Europe], we will prepare a concert in England that will be unforgettable to everyone.”

‘United Cube in London’ will take place on December 5th at 7:30 PM .

To grab your tickets, click this link here!


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Cube Entertainment releases ticket details for “UNITED CUBE in LONDON”

Cube Entertainment revealed official information regarding the release of their official tickets for “UNITED CUBE in LONDON” earlier today. The confirmation was announced after previous reports that Cube Entertainment will send their artists, BEAST, 4Minute and G.NA, for a concert on December 6th at the O2 Brixton Academy in London.

Earlier today, Cube Entertainment updated their official Twitter page with information pertaining to the release of their tickets. On the said message, they confirmed that “U-Cube London tickets through Live Nation UK content has been released!” A link was also posted with the tweet, sending their fans to Live Nation’s official page for the event. Tickets will be released on October 31st, at 9 AM (GMT) through Live Nation.

Meanwhile, it was also confirmed today that O2 will be releasing priority tickets to their subscribers, allowing fans to purchase the tickets two days ahead of its general release. O2 Subscribers can get a head start in purchasing their tickets as priority seats are set to go on sale on October 29, at 9 AM (GMT).

Cube Entertainment revealed earlier this week that “UNITED CUBE in LONDON” would be held at the O2 Brixton Academy on December 6, 2011. However, the dates on the released ticket details says December 5. There have been no clarifications at the moment, so stay tuned for more updates.